Vritika Chakrabarti

“Secretary Chakrabarti, I take it my staff has informed you about your impending nomination. I know you are probably surprised; however, we need someone with experience in that department and we determined Secretary West was definitely partly to blame for the current situation,” the President said calmly despite the flurry of activity just beyond her shoulders. “I appreciate your faith, Madame President; however, at the end of the day, I support Secretary West. I am just as much a part of this department as he,” Vritika said. “Nonsense,” the President interrupted. “I appreciate your loyalty, yet I’ve read the notes from staff members. You and I both know that you disagreed with Secretary West. He’s out, you’re in.”


Vritika was born in Mumbai to a doctor and politician. She studied foreign affairs in school and became a diplomat for the United Federation of Planets. While serving, she met her husband, Raj when he was a LT. They kept seeing each other, especially as Vritika was transiting from planets aboard Raj’s ship. They eventually married and had three children.

Raj was eventually promoted to Captain and given his own command. Unfortunately, Vritika and Raj lived separately for a time as her duties took her all across the Federation as the Undersecretary for Political Affairs within the Federation Department of the Exterior.

They were eventually united for a time as Raj’s ship was on shuttle duty for Vritika, although that soon changed when Raj was engaged with the Borg and lost his life saving his ship.

Many say that’s when Vritika changed and her eldest son joined Starfleet. She eventually crossed over to the Defense Department, serving as the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. She served as Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs and Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence before being tapped as the Deputy Secretary of Defense. She was a natural nominee as the Defense Secretary for President Bezar.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
DiplomatVarious Bureaus, Department of the Exterior
Assistant Secretary of Exterior for Alpha Quadrant AffairsUnited Federation of Planets
Undersecretary for Political AffairsDepartment of the Exterior
Director of the Defense Intelligence AgencyUnited Federation of Planets
Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security AffairsUnited Federation of Planets
Under Secretary of Defense for IntelligenceUnited Federation of Planets
Deputy Secretary of DefenseUnited Federation of Planets
Secretary of DefenseUnited Federation of Planets