Lieutenant Xander Carter


Xander Carter is the oldest of twin children born to Glen and Kay Carter. Xander being born at 2357 hours on 29 Jun 2355 and his sister born five minutes later at 0002 hours on 30 Jun 2355. There was never any doubt to him serving in Starfleet as he wanted nothing more other than follow in his father’s footsteps.

Xander left for Starfleet Academy shortly after his 17th birthday, learning the craft of a Starfleet Tactical/Security Officer. He served aboard the USS Venture (a Galaxy-class) for his field training exercise and fought in the Dominion War.

Despite earning a field commission during the war, Xander chose to return to Starfleet Academy for his senior year and finish up his education. Upon graduation he found himself back aboard the USS Venture, this time at the request of her Captain, James Evans. He served Captain Evans loyally and rose to the position of Deputy Chief of Security for the USS Venture.

The USS Venture was docked at Starbase 375 for resupply when word came down Starbase Deep Space Nine was in need of a new Chief Tactical Officer. Xander seized the opportunity to serve amongst and learn from some of the greatest heroes from the Dominion War.

Xander was a strong proponent for peaceful exploration, but knew the cost for peace was perpetual vigilance. Xander decided to apply for advanced tactical training after his tour at Deep Space Nine was up. He underwent the most challenging and hardest training he had ever experienced. He discovered that once that training was over with he would be serving within the Special Warfare Command where the Motto was “The Only Easy Day, Was Yesterday”.

Serving in an elite combat force doesn’t come without a price though, especially when most of the missions Xander’s team was sent on were of a clandestine nature. Friends were injured and killed in the 20+ missions his team were tasked with.

An injury took Xander out of the field, putting him on over two months of medical leave. When finally released from the hospital he was told he would have to take a desk job for at least a year, if not longer, and attend regular physical therapy sessions to regain his full strength. Xander worked diligently in the Office of Strategic Operations. He knew that he would soon have the opportunity to return to the field if he followed doctor’s orders and performed his duties well Starfleet Command.

The opportunity has finally presented itself for Xander’s return to a field position, but it is not the return to commanding his former elite combat team. Instead, Xander has found himself shipped to the far reaches of the galaxy to serve aboard the USS Infinity.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Security/Tactical OfficerUSS Venture
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Deputy Chief Security/Tactical OfficerUSS Venture
Chief Tactical OfficerDeep Space Nine
Special Warfare CandidateAdvanced Tactical Training
Special Warfare Officer - Tactical Response Team CommanderSpecial Warfare Command
Threat AnalystStarfleet Command Office of Strategic Operations
Chief Strategic Operations OfficerUSS Infinity