Lieutenant Jennica Riars


Jennica was born in Seattle. Both of her parents worked for Starfleet; her mother, Commander Yiale Riars, was a design engineer working on small craft designs, while her father was a civilian materials engineer working at the Starfleet Materials Research Institute at the University of Washington.

The youngest of two children, Jennica had a good childhood. She went to some of the best schools in the Pacific Northwest, including attending University of Puget Sound for a dual BA in Religious Studies and BS in Neuroscience. She then attended University of Maryland, Baltimore for medical school. Upon graduation with a MD, she started a 5 year Neurosurgery residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital, during which she was named Chief Resident. After her residency, she did a fellowship in internal medicine, eventually becoming double boarded in both neurosurgery and internal medicine.

Taking a job in the neurosurgery department of Cook County General Hospital in Chicago, Jennica performed many routine surgeries and quickly grew bored. She realized that the allure she felt to surgery was never going to be realized on her current path so, after three years, transitioned into trauma surgery, now at Seattle Grace. She loved being back in her home town, and progressed in her career. After 4 years, she was named Chief of Trauma. The stress of managing the trauma department, which included oversight of the ER, on top of performing less surgeries, Jennica resigned, opening her own private practice in the First Hill neighborhood of Seattle.

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