Lieutenant Junior Grade Teagan McGuire

Teagan McGuire was born in New York City , New York on Earth and grew up in a large Irish Italian family. The family business, in one form or another, involved bringing justice to survivors of crime, and Teagan didn't stray from that path. As a psychologist specializing in forensic and trauma psychology, she worked on Earth for a time before being recruited by Starfleet into an accelerated training program. She then went on to study forensic and emergency nursing at Starfleet Academy so she could offer the broadest amount of assistance for any installation to which she was assigned.


Teagan (pronounced Tee-ghan) Shelby McGuire was born August 20, 2351 in New York City, New York. Her parents, Sean McGuire, a Protestant of Irish descent, and Valerie Palmieri, a devout Catholic of Italian descent, were a forbidden match for their still very traditional families. As high school sweethearts, the two had planned to continue to date in secret until they were both old enough to run away and get married, but a year into their relationship, Valerie became pregnant with Sean’s child. Unable to care for a child and pressured by their families to avoid the stigma of having a child out of wedlock, Valerie and Sean agreed to end their relationship and give their daughter, Sydney Paige, up for adoption.

Five years later, Valerie and Sean were reunited while both were attending New York University. While they discovered they still shared a love for one another, they also realized they shared a passion for the criminal justice system. Sean majored in criminal justice and planned to enter the local police academy, while Valerie pursued a pre-law degree and dreamed of going to law school. Despite pressure from both their families to put an end to their courtship, Sean and Valerie were determined to succeed, and married shortly after graduation. The decision to marry placed a strain on the relationships each shared with their parents, and to this day matters have not been completely resolved.

The newlyweds quickly settled into married life, thriving in New York City’s diverse community. Although it was difficult to juggle going to school, keeping full-time jobs and maintaining their marriage, the McGuires still found time to raise a family with love and patience. The youngest of three children, Teagan was the apple of her father’s eye and the typical meddling baby sister to her two older brothers, Anthony and Daniel. For as long as the McGuire children can remember, their parents have always worked hard to educate themselves and to build a better life for their children. Considering themselves the average blue collar family, Sean found his niche in the NYPD and quickly moved up the ranks to become a top detective, while Valerie graduated in the top ten percent in her law school class and went on to become an Assistant District Attorney for the city’s Sex Crimes Division.

Although it was never pushed upon them, the McGuire children each knew from an early age that they wanted to pursue careers in criminal justice and law. All three developed their parents’ passion for justice and for making a difference in people’s lives, regardless of species, gender or background, but it was Teagan who struggled the most to discover her true calling. On the outside, Teagan was the ultimate outgoing, fearless tomboy, happy to be just “one of the guys,” but on the inside, Teagan felt shy, sensitive and more comfortable studying than she did playing sports or keeping a part-time job. While her family was always concerned with establishing the facts when it came to criminal cases, Teagan always found herself more pre-occupied with how the victims were coping, and in some instances, how the offender had come to commit such heinous crimes in the first place.

It wasn’t until she started her second year at New York University, while studying pre-law, that Teagan realized her heart and her true talents lay in the field of psychology. Psychology courses helped Teagan discover her strengths, her weaknesses and her passion for helping people. She realized she could be true to herself and still accomplish her goals. While the psychology field offered a variety of career paths, Teagan knew from the start that she was meant to be a therapist. Almost immediately after changing her major, Teagan made a complete transformation from a sensitive, shy tomboy to a compassionate, outgoing young woman. Friends began to see Teagan gain more confidence, drive, and focus.

Although she had always been a good student, it wasn’t until she found psychology that she truly began to reach her full academic potential. Her courses also gave her greater exposure to information about other cultures, nurturing her desire for exploration and adventure. Not only was she making the transition from a young woman to an adult, she was also becoming less sheltered and more sophisticated. This new found sophistication creates some resentment in the family even today, particularly among her brothers, who sometimes feel Teagan believes she has become too good for her own family and its simple traditions.

Teagan went on to earn her Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Clinical Psychology from New York University while Anthony and Daniel went on to build careers of their own. Teagan chose to specialize in Trauma and Forensic Psychology, with her eye on working with survivors of violent crime. Building on these concentrations within her doctoral program and wanting to further her knowledge and experience beyond her roots, Teagan competed and won a post-doctoral one year fellowship with Federation Security and noted forensic psychologist, Dr. Andrea Markham. The fellowship, based in Quantico, enabled Teagan to further her training in a variety of areas within forensic psychology, including profiling, competency assessment, victim advocacy, crisis counseling, and expert testimony.

For the next two years, Teagan chose to work within the Federation Security Rape and Sex Crimes Unit based on Risa. Teagan’s particular passion for working with survivors of rape and other closely related violent crimes such as domestic violence and child abuse made her a natural fit for the unit. She also chose Risa because she was curious about the criminal underworld of the supposedly peaceful and idyllic planet.

On Risa, she met fellow psychologist Gustav Gregersen. The two worked well together because while Gustav focused his attention on getting into the minds of the offenders, Teagan focused her attention on providing support to the victims, which in turn enabled them to offer information more readily. Teagan frequently offered expert testimony on psychological trauma and its impact on recall and behavior.

After two years of service, Teagan was homesick and ready for a change of scenery.
Dr. Markham encouraged McGuire to consider furthering her career in Federation Security and perhaps working with Starfleet. Teagan promised to consider it, but planned to go into private practice and to work as a consultant for the New York court system.

That dream quickly lost its luster. Finding herself in a practice with partners who were more concerned with making a profit than with making a difference, and with a caseload comprised of mostly philandering husbands and wives, Teagan had begun to re-think her choice of careers. When Andrea Markham showed up at her door and asked her to consider joining Starfleet and the prestigious Starfleet Criminal Investigative Service, Teagan couldn’t say no. It was an honor to be asked to assist in investigations concerning Starfleet members and to further assist in matters related to Federation security.

Because of her prior education and experience, Teagan was permitted to complete her Starfleet general training in three years. Training not only focused on advanced studies in areas such as Federation law and Starfleet procedure, but also tested her physically, as she was required to learn how to defend herself and to handle a phaser. Teagan became competent in these areas, but she is far more accustomed to managing problems using her intellect rather than shows of force. McGuire especially enjoyed her basic medical training and was persuaded to pursue additional training in forensic and emergency nursing with Starfleet Medical Academy to make herself more useful if she ever decided to leave the investigative/legal arena. That wasn’t what she planned for herself, but she loved the learning process.

She spent two years working as a staff psychologist doing everything from profiling, acting as a victim’s advocate or key witness for the prosecution, to counseling offenders or SCIS officers. She loved the variety in her job, and her family was pleased that Teagan had found her niche among familiar territory. Colleagues would attribute Teagan’s departure from the SCIS to simple burn-out, but it was something more.

The brass presented her with a unique opportunity aboard the USS Valmer, a vessel serving the needs of Starfleet Intelligence. Having never considered herself suited for intelligence work before, Teagan was quickly learned her skills could be used to serve justice on a much larger scale with the same variety she loved. She was especially honored to be able to work alongside other agents and act as sounding board for people she considered to be among the unsung heroes of the Federation.

After a three year stint aboard the Valmer, she was ready to return the work that represented her original first love, and to Teagan’s surprise, Starfleet assigned her to the USS Cavalry to assist with a mission particularly suited to her unique skillset,. She was assigned as the Cavalry as its Assistant Chief Counselor/Forensic Psychologist.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Psychologist/Victim AdvocateStarfleet Criminal Investigative Service
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Chief Behavior Analyst/Chief CounselorUSS Valmer
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Chief CounselorUSS Cavalry