Lieutenant Jacen Rendar

Lieutenant Jacen Rendar was the Chief of Engineering on board the USS North Star, assigned to Task Force 99.. When Jacen joined Starfleet he served on board the USS Fury, his fathers ship, in the Beta Quadrant before moving on to serve on board several starships that were assigned to explore the Beta Quadrant after the end of the Dominion War to see how things had progressed in what is seen as a more peaceful region of space. Jacen worked in both the Operations and Engineering Divisions. Jacen spent some time on board the North Star before being recruited for working on the Vesta Class Starship project and then returning to the North Star


Personal History

Jacen was an average child at school, although his hard work and perseverance were noted in each school year. He left all the schools he went to with good scores. Jacen’s course was always one set for the stars and he new that to get there he would have to do his best.

After School and his education, Jacen had decided the career he wanted before he was given an option to choose. To join Starfleet. Understanding his son’s drive and determination to follow in the family tradition, Captain Rendar agreed with his son’s wish to join Starfleet after completing his education.

Jacen and his sister Talia went to live with his Uncle Hank in England at his Repair Facility and spent time working there on everything from vehicles to small ships, to small garden implements. After a while of working there and still dreaming of the stars, Jacen went on to learn about Engineering, showing the knack of wanting to know how it worked and if it worked how it could work better. With his fathers blessing, Jacen applied for Starfleet Academy and he was accepted.

Service Record

Jacen performed well at the academy and showed promise early on in his first year. He also showed his interest in Starship/Starbase Operations and he chose both Operations and Engineering as his courses to pursue. His tutors were impressed by his knowledge and speed of learning when it came to learning about new and current Starship classes, how they worked and also how their Engineering and Operations took place. When it came to Jacen choosing his path, he was recommended that his talents would be best served on board a Starship.

Once Graduating from Starfleet Academy four years later in 2373, Jacen was commissioned an Ensign. However war broke out with the Dominion and Jacen received orders from Starfleet to join the crew of the Ambassador Class USS Fury, the ship commanded by Captain Novak Rendar… Jacen’s father. The ship took part in many of the battles that took place against the Jem’Hadar and later the Cardassians including Operation Return and the taking of the Chin’toka system. The Fury also took part in the final battle in Cardassian territory and despite taking heavy damage, the ship survived and was put in for a refit at Earth Station McKinley after the war ended. However during the Fury’s refit period, it became obvious the pain of his mothers death a few years earlier had made things difficult on board between Jacen and his father and he requested a transfer.

With the war at an end and Starfleet looking to return to peaceful exploration, Jacen learned of positions available on the Nebula Class Vessel USS Juno being prepped to go out and explore the Beta Quadrant and felt certain his talents would be served well on board the ship in both Engineering and Operations, so he transferred.

Jacen served aboard the Juno in 2375, exploring the Beta Quadrant and charting many star systems and civilisations. During this assignment Jacen was assigned the position of Assistant Chief Engineering Officer where he learnt to calm down from his “wartime” self and found the exploration assignment allowed him to find an inner calm and learn to enjoy exploration and discovery again.

The Juno was recalled after suffering extensive damage during a battle near the Neutral Zone inside a Nebula with a Mogwai Class Romulan Warbird. The battle itself was due to a claim on the region made by the Romulans who were looking to setup a secret base in the area with the Juno stumbling across this situation whilst charting the region.

After a year in dock where he assisted in repairs, Jacen was promoted to Assistant Chief Operations Officer. The Juno was declared spaceworthy again and re-assigned to patrol along the Romulan Border, providing material and humanitarian aid to the devastated Romulan Star Empire. During the Borg Invasion of 2381, Jacen proved his skill and value member to the crew as the Juno was part of a fleet of starships that defended planets in the Romulan Empire from Borg attacks. He was instrumental on several occasions during the invasion in on board repairs and original thinking towards mechanical issues on board.

After the end of the Borg Invasion in 2381, The Juno put in at McKinley station for refit. Due to the loss of many crew members during the Invasion and Federation Starships needing good officers, Jacen was re-assigned as Assistant Chief Operations Officer to the Luna Class USS Amalthea. The Amalthea was sent on a mission of exploration in the Beta Quadrant, following on from the USS Juno’s previous mission. Jacen enjoyed this second tour more as he gelled with the crew as they charted many star systems and civilisations. During their time exploring, Jacen employed his original thinking for repairs and solutions during different skirmishes with the Breen who had made claims of territory in unexplored regions of the Beta Quadrant.

The Amalthea put in at Earth Station McKinley at the end of her mission, where Admiral Honak re-assigned Jacen to Starfleet Engineering and Starship Design where he worked on the new Vesta class Starships, learning about the new Slipstream technologies and working on various starships that were being upgraded. Due to his knowledge and experience and the new Starships, Admiral Ravenhorse recommended Jacen apply for the Chief Operations Officer position on the USS North Star…

After spending six months on board the North Star, Jacen was re-assigned to Starfleet Engineering on Earth. Admiral Ravenhorse decided that his extensive knowledge on the newer Luna and Vesta Class Starship Classes would help to work system issues that certain Starships had suffered during Deep Space assignments. After completing his work on this project, Jacen returned to the North Star as her Assistant Chief Engineering Officer, having transferred from Operations.

2373 – 2375: USS Fury, Ambassador Class Starship.

2375 – 2381: USS Juno, Nebula Class Starship.

2381 – 2386: USS Amalthea, Luna Class Starship.

2386 – 2387: Earth Station McKinley.
Operations Officer/Engineering Officer on Vesta Class Starship project.

2387 – 2388: USS North Star, Vesta Class Starship. Chief Operations Officer.

2388 – 2388: Utopia Planitia Ship Yards.
Operations Officer/Engineering Officer on Vesta Class Starship project.

2388 – Present: USS North Star, Vesta Class Starship. Chief Engineering Officer.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Chief Operations OfficerUSS North Star
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Operations Officer/Engineering Officer on Vesta Class Starship projectEarth Station McKinley
Chief Engineering OfficerUSS North Star