Lieutenant Colonel Victor Muirne

As a human being, Victor is taller than many among his race, with a muscular body fit for dangerous missions that would need endurance and force. A scar can be seen on his left eye, a mark he doesn't want the medical facility to even think of erasing, to make sure he remembers well enough what may be the price of failure. Victor can sometimes seem cold at first glance, but still always try to get the best of every situation. When he has men under him, he tries to make sure that they give the best they can, to become perfect soldier with the best moral and training.


English, French, Celtic, Federation Basic.
While promotion was his mark, after the Accidents, his mark have change a bit, still looking at promotion but now he see life with a more openly view of it.
Hobbies & Interests
    Reading old Military Tactics book,
Old Weaponry (Japaness Feudal Era and Twenty century Weaponry).
    Trained in:
    Close Combats,
Heavy Fire Combats,
Zero Gravity Combats,
Heavy Weaponry,
Covert Ops,
Born on earth in Dublin (Ireland), his father was a Security Officer aboard a Federation starship, until he was with the ship M.I.A.
Five years later, when he was 14, his mother died in a explosion involving a hidden group of rebellion against the Federation who was destroyed not long after the incident.
He joined the Starfleet Academy at the age of 16 to be able to be like his father, an officer of Starfleet .
After a few mission in a newly formed recon team, he was placed as demo and heavier weaponry specialist in a team created for future reference that would be know as Spec Ops.
He was promoted from Lt to Commander, but an accident (Officially) made him demoted to Lt rank and send to be the Security Officer in a Newly designed Starship.
His file has some parts that are still keep as top secret and only the top brass of Admiralty are able to see some parts of it…but only some parts.
The files are named -Call Sign OverKill.
After 6 month of reports and training, he was transferred on the USS Endurance for a service of 3 month as MXO.
To be continued….
2386 -Excellent Posting (Seven Fleet – Disbanded)
2386 -Commanding Officer’s Ribbon (Seven Fleet – Disbanded)
2386 -Purple Heart (Seven Fleet – Disbanded)
2387 -Purple Heart (Seven Fleet – Disbanded)
Mother: Allisson Trechnov (Deceased)
Father: Lt.Cmd Brian Muirne (M.I.A)
Brother: Commodore Micheal Muirne (Newport Colony XO and Chief Operation Officer)
Sisters: None
Wife: None
Sons: None
Daughters: None
Godchildren: None
Other Relatives: Unknown
Service Record
2349 Born, Civilian
2365 Starfleet Enlisted Ranks Training, Recruit
2365 USS Mortag, Recon Team, Corporal
2366 USS Mortag, Recon Team, Sergeant
2367 USS Mortag, Recon Team, Gunnery Sergeant
2368 USS Mortag, Recon Team, Master Sergeant, Recon Team Leader
2370 SFMC Officer Academy (Fast Track Course), Cadet
2371 SFMC Officers Academy (Fast Track Course),Graduate
2373 USS Mortag, Marines Executive Officer, 2nd Lieutenant
2383 Operation Wulfgar, Marines Recon Leader, 1st Lieutenant
2384 Operation Valkyries, Spec Ops, Recruit, Major
2384 Operation BloodDay, Spec Ops, Leader, Lt.Colonel
2385 Operation Storm, Spec Ops, Black Ops Leader, Colonel
2385 Overkill, 1st Lieutenant
2386 USS Endurance, Marines Executive Commanding Officer, Marines Captain
2386 StarBase 7, Marines Executive Commanding Officer, Major
2388 SMF Revenant, Commanding Officer, Major

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
CadetMarines Elisted training camp
Recon Team memberUSS Mortag
Recon Team MemberUSS Mortag
Gunnery Sergeant
Recon Team SniperUSS Mortg
Master Sergeant
Recon Team LeaderUSS Mortag
Cadet Senior Grade
Officer CadetSFMC Officer Academy (Fast Track Course)
Second Lieutenant
Marines Executive OfficerUSS Mortag
First Lieutenant
Marines Recon LeaderOperation Wulfgar
Spec Ops RecruitOperation Valkyries
Lieutenant Colonel
Spec Ops Team LeaderOperation BloodDay
Black Ops Team LeaderOperation Storm
First Lieutenant
USS EnduranceMarines Executive Officer
Marine Executive OfficerStarbase Seven
Commanding officer of the Bellatrix SystemSFM Revenant
Lieutenant Colonel
Commanding officer of the Bellatrix SystemSFM Revenant