Brigadier General Reius Rothschild

At 6'1'', fit and with a muscular body that been through hell and above after years of combat and training, Reius look like a forty years old man while in fact he is not so far of the six century. As an El Aurian, as well as a Borg survivor, he is ready to do all he can do make sure to keep the vow he made years ago. Retrograding himself to the rank of commander after serving for nearly thirty year as a Marine's General only to be able to go back to service, it would not be the first time nor surely the last he would do something like this to go where the action is.


Reius ”Paladin” Rothschild
Date of Birth:
January 27, 1837 (age 551 )
Physical Description
170 Lbs
Hair Color:
Eyes Color:
Strengths and Weaknesses
His bigger weakness is his family , the though that he lost his son and his wife, the first in a mission for the Peacekeeper, and the second when the borg annihilated almost all of his people in 2265, so he try not to think of them, telling himself he still have his daughters, even if she is now far away from him.
As every El-Aurian does, Reius wants to make sure El-Auria’s case never happens again, be it be by the borg or by any force. It is the main reason why he fights and works so hard, has made it to the rank of Lieutenant General, to be in the highest place to make the right decisions.
Hobbies & Interests
As an old Doctor, Reius loves to learn new things every day he is able to , be it a simple thing like how a kid’s toy work or new military tactics. He also love to help other, when he is able to.
He also loves to read, as for a 550 year old man, he has read the equivalent of a whole Earth library.
    Extensive Medical Knowledge.
Marines Combat Training
Peacekeeper Combats Training
Starfighter Command
Born in 1837, Earth TimeLine, on El-Auria, Reius was, as a child, very playful and always ready to work his way to be on top of his class. Which was just as well for the El-Aurians study and gain new knowledge in school over thirty years, thanks to their long life span. In 1876, he joined the Mioldgar Academy, entering the Medical faculty, he wanted to help others and relieve them of suffering by treating them. Unlike many other around him, who would study ‘only’ for ten years in that profession , Reius choose to study for thirty years, making him one of the best doctors and surgeons in the capital, second only to the oldest and more experienced doctor, the personal Doctor of the President.
1907, Reius starts his career as Surgeon in the Aesir Hospital, one of the biggest and best reputed on El-Auria. Working almost everyday, to help those who were suffering and the helpless, until he understood that, even if the people he was helping were saved, there would always be more. He found himself wanting to do more, he wanted to help even more but didn’t knew what to do. As the year moved forward, he found himself intrigue with a nurse that was in his department, Malessa Valard, younger than him, about twenty years his cadet, has he was now 79 year old, young as a El-Aurian in fact. He took him about ten year, to move from simply friendship to dating the lady, has even with every study he could have made in medical faculty, he still had a poor social skill, with only five or six person he could call friend. In 1931, he finally did the great proposal to Malessa, and as she was in love with him, she said yes and they got wed in 1932. Two years later Reius was promoted to Head Surgeon in Aeris, meeting the higher-up member of the El-Aurian society. He was at that moment knew as the Miracle Doctor making every operation he did a success, never did had a patient who died on his operation table and for that he was proud, but still he knew that someday, something could go bad and he could lose someone and he was making everything possible at that time for this to never happen.
1940, Little Illion, a marvelous boy was born, and the Rothschild family was in heaven of their son, even his Reius was working even more now, has more and more people were coming to see him to get cure of their sickness. He was able to take two week of rest after four year without had the chance to take one, since he wasn’t able to say no to people in need, and as the day away from the capital were flowing away, he told himself that he needed even more, maybe a month or two, to think about his family and his priority. He was back at Aesir one year later that idea, in 1945, taking back his position as Head surgeon and taking back his patient, their sickness and trouble, but he also started to train himself, first simply with jogging every morning then after a couple of month doing the same routine, he moved forward, going to self-defense class almost every day, even if he didn’t needed those, for the Peacekeepers were there to make sure the population were safe from danger on the capital.
In 1950, the Rothschild family was even bigger, has Kyla was born during month of November (Earth time). Illion had been studying in El-Auria Capital School like his father before him for the last five years, and would be for the next twenty-five years of his long life.
For the Next fifty years, Illion had completed his study and had joined the Peacekeeper, to be able to go on other world and help them as his father was helping people in their own world , as Kyla , had just been accepted into the Mioldgar Academy, in the same Medical Faculty as her father before her, but she wanted to go in Neonatology, to be able to be with little baby every day. Around that time Reius was approach by a Representatives of some political party, he was trying to recruit him into into the Big Games as the man was saying to him, but for Reius political intrigue were not his cup of tea. After a couple of week that the man was trying all he could to make him get his card of the party, he finally understood he could not make Reius change his mind, he was a doctor not a gorram political man , he said to that very man, on the last day h went to the hospital.
2007, Kyla was making her first step into the Aesir Neonatology Department as Doctor, and Reius was the most happy man he could be, since ven if his voice was not valid for the choice of his daughter on the Hospital Council, the member of the same council had choose Kyla has the successor for Doctor Birlandil, who just took her retreat after almost eight hundred year of service to the hospital.
Over thirty years, the Rothschild Family were a peaceful one, Reius, Malessa and Kyla were working in the same hospital and Illion was traveling the galaxy, helping people as a Peacekeeper. Nothing could have trouble Reius until one evening after a hard operation, he received a communication from the Peacekeeper, directly from the Inspector General himself, he had to announce that Illion Rothschild, Reius only son, had been killed in action, while serving the Peacekeeper on a mission on Baxthor IV and that he could not give him more detail for the time being.
The family was devastated at that news, even more Reius since he was now the sole male of his line, as his parents had passed away a hundred years ago and he didn’t had any brother nor sister. After two month of mourned , he started to study tactical and military book, trained himself more and more, his wife seeing that as a way to keep the idea of their lost son away, didn’t said anything as she was half of her time in the hospital and the other half in her garden, keeping her mind occupied on her flower. She didn’t knew that Reius had now one idea in his mind, it was not vengeance he wanted but to take his son place as a Peacekeeper, to do more than simply heal people sickness, he wanted to help other in another, to make sure is son dead was not in vain. After almost ninety years after Illion death, he was joining the Peacekeeper rank, resigning his position in the hospital.
Around those year, Kyla had joined the Medical corps, traveling across the galaxy to give help to other world. In 2185, Reius went to Baxthor IV, the same planet his son had been when he died, he was to help two party of government to resolve a matter that could lead to a internal war within the continent, its took him four years to resolve the conflict, as he was able to hold the mobs and the army in respect, making sure no one was killed during those four years of mission, away from his wife and home planet. After his return , he was promoted to the rank of Captain within the Peacekeeper, the same rank his son had one-hundred and two year earlier. Its at that moment he started thinking about his son, about the fact he would now be two-hundred and nine year old as Reius was now three-hundred and two.
In 2221, he was recruited by an old friends from the hospital, an old man who had joined the Medical Staff of the El-Aurian army. He was enlisted with the rank of Ensign of the Cross, keeping his rank within the Peacekeepers, as well as his duty with them. He continued to travel to other planet as well as staying on El-Auria, resolving and helping to make peace , within government, military power or simply on a crime scene. He was also teaching to younger man and woman, his Medical knowledge, both to civilian and military members, and for this he was promoted to the rank of Leftenant Of the Cross in 2245 and in 2250 he was place as the second of his old friend within the Medical Staff , Chief Officer of the Cross Hague, as the position was give to him, not for his connection to the man but for his Medical knowledge, he was with the position promoted to the rank of Chief Vice Officer of the Cross. He was sent to a distant planet, at the corner of the El-Aurian territory, as a member of the Medical Staff but also as a member of the Peacekeeper, to go to help to a race that was in danger of extinction, not for their own fault but for an attack on their planet by a unknown enemy.
It took almost three full years to him and his men, to help the people to recover , to rebuild their industry and rebuild their medical facility. When he saw that they didn’t needed his help, he requested that another El-Aurian were sent to replace him, as he missed his wife and knew that his daughter and her son, as she had wed one year earlier, were to go and visit them. As he was leaving the ship that just landed on El-Auria, he was called to the Medical Staff Headquarters. The Chief Officer of the Cross Hague, had just died from old age and they wanted him, his second to take his place as Chief Officer of the Cross, a rank second only to the Commander of the Cross.
Call Sign: Paladin
Verification Clearance: Charlie-Six-Alpha-Zebra-Niner
Service Record
1837 Born Civilian
1842 Enter the El-Auria School
1876 Accepted in Mioldgar Academy, Medical Faculty
1907 Hired in Aesir Hospital, Surgeon
1932 Wed Malessa Gaylen
1934 Promoted to Head Surgeon in Aesir Hospital and had the Nickname of Miracle Doctor
1940 Illion Rothschild is Born
1946 First year of training in Self-Defense
1950 Kyla Rothschild is Born
2007 Entry of Kyla Rothschild in Aesir Hospital as Doctor in Neonatology Department
2037 Dead of Illion Rothschild, Peacekeeper, rank Captain, Age 97 year old
2129 Ranger, El-Aurian Peacekeeper
2185 Mission on Baxtor IV, that took four year to resolve
2189 Captain, El-Aurian Peacekeeper
2221 Ensign of the Cross, El-Aurian Military Medical Staff
2245 Leftenant Of the Cross, El-Aurian Military Medical Staff
2250 Chief Vice Officer of the Cross, El-Aurian Military Medical Staff
2250 Beginning of Mission 11-2 , Rebuilding help
2253 Return to El-Auria
2253 Chief Officer of the Cross, El-Aurian Military Medical Staff
2263 Marshall, El-Aurian Peacekeeper
2268 StarFleet Marines Corps Officer Academy
2272 2nd Lieutenant, StarFleet Marines Corps
2276 1st Lieutenant, StarFleet Marines Corps
2285 Marines Captain, StarFleet Marines Corps
2294 Major, StarFleet Marines Corps
2299 Lieutenant Colonel, Starfleet Marines Corps
2312 Colonel, StarFleet Marines Corps
2339 Brigadier General, StarFleet Marines Corps
2351 Major General, StarFleet Marines Corps
2361 Lieutenant General, StarFleet Marines Corps
2388 Major, USS Redguard, Executive Officer
2388 Lieutenant Colonel, USS Reguard, Executive Officer

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Med StudentMioldgar Academy, Medical Facility, El-Auria
SurgeonAesir Hospital, El-Auria
Head SurgeonAeris Hospital, El-Auria
RangerEl-Aurian Peacekeeper
CaptainEl-Aurian Peacekeeper
Ensign of the CrossEl-Aurian Military Medical Staff
Leftenant of the CrossEl-Aurian Military Medical Staff
Chief Vice Officer of the CrossEl-Aurian Military Medical Staff
Chief Officer of the CrossEl-Aurian Military Medical Staff
MarshallEl-Aurian Peacekeeper
Senior Cadet
Officer CadetStarfleet Marines Corps Officer Academy
Second Lieutenant
Platoon LeaderOmega Station
First Lieutenant
Platoon LeaderUSS Belgrade
Marines XOStation - Wolf 957
Marines COStation Wolf - 957
Lieutenant Colonel
Brigadier General
Black Ops - ClassifiedClassified
Major General
Black Ops - ClassifiedClassified
Lieutenant General
Starfleet Marines XOStarfleet Command
Executive OfficerUSS Redguard
Lieutenant Colonel
Executive OfficerUSS Redguard
Lieutenant Colonel
Starfleet LiaisonSFM Revenant
Lieutenant Colonel
TGCO BastetProvidence Fleet Yard
TGCO Bastet - Command AdjutantProvidence Fleet Yard
Brigadier General
Task Force 38 Executive OfficerPendragon Station