Lieutenant Colonel Mateo Ward

"Ward is one of those guys you don't want to be on the wrong side of his rifle. He is a combat veteran and has seen a couple of wars in his life time, he knows what to expect on the field. I say that is a disadvantage for the enemy that is facing him, he knows tactical moves that were used in the old days when facing the Dominion, Klingons or even the Borg themselves. Ward is a friendly guy, a team player and I even consider him a blood brother as he has sacrifice allot on his way to the rank he upholds right now" Colonel Sahlaos Th'oshaaqot, Red Company, Marine Corps


Born on 2348 on Earth under the care of Josh and Rianna Ward, two dedicated Marines that have served their days in the Marine Corps for the length of their careers. Mateo has been given a proper life with love and dedication, but his life was strict and to the rules, as his father was a hardcore discipline man that did not expect anything less in life until you have fought for it. While getting the right education from his mother that was loving and caring, he got the strength training from his father that taught him to value the wisdom of self-defense and brotherhood.

In 2366 Mateo joins the Marine Corps and follows the training to become an officer in the Corps. In 2370 he graduated from the Bootcamp and was reassigned towards Starbase 12 as 2nd Lieutenant. Mateo soon became known of the Dominion presence, yet had not directly met them yet. Yet his focus was mainly on the borders of the Cardassian Union and the Breen Confederacy, they were in his own fair opinion, people that could not be trusted with a dagger given to them. In 2372 till 2373 Mateo was involved in various skirmishes against the Klingons in the Federation-Klingon War.

He then gets reassigned towards the USS Shanghai, an Akira class vessel that was used for rapid response to crisis situations and with the Dominion at their doorstep, it was required and needed. Mateo got involved at the battle of Sector 001 and the First Battle of Union. For his valor actions, he was promoted to First Lieutenant and later to Captain. He got reassigned back to Deep Space 12 when the pressure of the Dominion forces was closing its location. The skirmishes against the Breen Confederacy after they joined forces with the Dominion had cost lots of Mateo men, but they held their ground at Deep Space 12.

Finally, Mateo and his company were called in to help with the Battle of Cardassia, the final push to end the war with the Dominion. It was a long battle, it cost lots of life’s but they had won the war against the Dominion. In 2376 Mateo got¬†reassigned towards Starbase 66 at the Gorn borders to help in command of the infamous Dragon Company. The time of war was really chasing Mateo as he got involved in the Gorn Crisis when the Gorn Hegemony attacked and occupies Cestus. ¬†With one life time event, three Task Forces combined drove the Gorn later in 2379 back to their space.

For years it got silence at his location until the Marine Corps had reassigned his company towards the Raeya Sector on Faltan station. He got command of the Company and a promotion towards Lieutenant Colonel. Mateo earned over the years the respect of his men and got another few battles on his name in the Raeya Sector. The Omega Crisis and the Second Battle of Union. He got reassigned towards Starfleet Marines Revenant at Bellatrix to keep the line against the war hungry Gorns.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Second Lieutenant
Platoon Deputy CommanderStarbase 12
First Lieutenant
Platoon CommanderUSS Shanghai
Platoon CommanderUSS Shanghai
Platoon CommanderDeep Space 12
Company Deputy CommanderStarbase 66
Lieutenant Colonel
Company CommanderFaltan Station
Lieutenant Colonel
Detachment CommanderSFM Revenant