Lieutenant Sarah ‘Greyfox’ Dufrai

"Dufrai is an isolated introvert person that hates to get into small talks and has no red tape holding her back to get the job done. A perfect intelligence officer in my eyes, but she is rather a person that requires some eyes on. Working in the shadows or darkness in total context might get the better of you. Dufrai has worked too long in the dark already" ~ Vice Admiral Keira Desai


Born on 2350 on Lunar colony under the care of Francesco and Loraine Dufrai. The Lunar colony was not the most suited area for children to live on, but it was the right place for Sarah parents due to their profession. As a civilian engineering, Francesco was assigned by the Federation to keep up with the civilian system on the Lunar colony. Loraine, however, was in service of Starfleet and assigned towards Lunar command as their security officer. Sarah was given the best her parents could provide in such environment and so she did experience it as.

The teenage years were difficult for Sarah’s parents as she got herself most of the time into trouble and being unable to make friends did not help her in any favorable situation. Getting caught on vandalism, fights and just being an annoying teenager with their pranks. Loraine got her reputation thanks towards her daughter misbehave and their relationship between the two was no sunshine at all. Until Sarah got into a fight she was not prepared for. An Andorian boy named Kys Ch’vhaanit pissed her off and the two got into a fight, yet Kys was more skilled in hand to hand combat and broke Sarah noise, left arm and bruised her ribs. While Loraine saw that it was a wake-up call for her daughter, she did feel a bit defenseless in regards to defending her daughter and started to learn her self-defensive.

In the years to come, she became more isolated to herself and did not care about what happened to her that much. She joined Starfleet in respect for her mother, not for herself. Her grades were average and Sarah did score well on themes such as Security and Tactical. But for some reason, Sarah was not fond of the idea to follow her mother’s footsteps and that was noticed within the Academy and even beyond it. Captain Desai approached her and convinced her to take a different path, a path that was more appealing towards Sarah than she had presumed to be. The path of intelligence and information.

Intelligence Officer was her first assignment on the USS Charleston after she graduated from Starfleet Academy.  Sarah learned that having information was the key to victory and in the Klingon War, information was gold. She was involved in various infiltration missions that brought her towards the Klingon side of space and this way developed her skills for undercover work and was mostly used to get news from operatives in the field. Yet with the Dominion War starting to take form, Sarah skills were required somewhere else. Commodore Desai kept her paws on her favorite agents and reassigned Sarah towards Black Operations within the Intelligence branch. She was given the nickname Greyfox.

In 2374, she was deliberately caught by Cardassian Union soldiers to infiltrate the work camps.  Sarah admits later on record that this was not one of her pleasant assignments as the things she saw, she will not be able to erase from her memory and haunts her in her dreams. The work camp was later sabotaged by Marines that attacked the camp itself and Sarah were able to get free. She was taken out of the field and reassigned in 2376 as Chief Intelligence Officer of the USS Cassiopeia.

The Cassiopeia got herself involved in the retake of C’Hakilian held assets in the Raeyan Sector. Sarah duties were above and beyond and she got promoted towards Lieutenant. For a while, the Cassiopeia gets assigned towards the exploration of the Raeyan Sector and aid where it possibly can with the operations that Task Force 21 and Task Force 86 of Bravo Fleet assigns to her. Sarah helps out mostly with her skills in infiltration, undercover and decryption tasks.

With tension rising in the Union system, Starfleet Intelligence reassigns Sarah towards the colony itself to keep an eye out there and pass any critic information through towards them. Stripped of her rank and marked as MIA in the Starfleet records she begins her task on Union. From close by she witness the Omega Crisis and the lost connection towards Task Force 38 old theater. After her task was done she returned towards Starfleet Command to get her reassignment from Vice Admiral Desai herself, she reassigned her towards Black Ops within Starfleet Intelligence again.

From 2384 to this day, Greyfox has served at various location throughout the Raeyan Sector on both Klingon and Romulan surface as infiltration specialist.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Intelligence OfficerUSS Charleston
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Infiltration SpecialistStarfleet Intelligence Black Ops
Chief Intelligence OfficerUSS Cassiopeia
Operative AgentUnion Colony
Infiltration SpecialistStarfleet Intelligence Black Ops