Lieutenant Commander Elgor Rae

Elgor serves as the Commanding Officer of the USS Olympus, Upon being thrown into command after his Captain's death at the Battle of the Round table, Elgor leads the shaken crew of the Olympus into the depths of the Delta Quadrant, seeking allies and routes home along the way.


Elgor was born on his homeworld of Haliii in 2353, building a close bond with his family and community, an important ingredient of Halii culture. The Halii are a people with a strong sense of telepathic gifts, most commonly manifested through person-to-person empathic senses, emphasizing the need for close familial and communal relationships to develop and understand those gifts. At the age of nine Elgor had drawn the attention of his teachers, and he was soon introduced to Preceptor Nomii Saaren, a particularly kind and enlightened honer of gifts amongst his community. To his daily studies of culture, science, and mathematics Elgor found himself propelled into a world of deep self-inspection and spiritual exploration.

Elgor’s empathic abilities awakened with relative ease, and he was soon gifted with his canar, a stone that enhances his telepathic and empathic abilities – an artifact that has followed him since. As his training escalated he began to seem increasingly distracted. Something he himself didn’t understand drew his attention; a distant voice that he hid from his Preceptor and his family. His lack of focus left him vulnerable to outside influence, namely a Halii group known as The Pact. The Pact promised Elgor focus, and heightened abilities beyond what even his teachers had hoped for him. Enticed, Elgor was led astray; enhanced by the pact his gifts were used to manipulate the minds of the unaware, an unforgivable offense to his people. Elgor was ostracized from his people, and for his mistake his teachings would end. Whatever promise his teachers had seen would go unrecognized, and the young man’s gifts soon dulled. Feeling he had no future left at home, Elgor left his homeworld.

At seventeen, in 2370, Elgor was admitted to Starfleet Academy. Frustrated and ashamed he hoped to escape into the lower decks of a starship where he could perpetuate his own self-inflicted emotional punishment. His introduction to his classmates though, and the empathic connections he immediately felt in such overwhelming doses seemed to have different plans, however. Having only been familiar with life on Haliii, Elgor was slowly drawn out of his shell over the next few years at the academy, his goals and hopes re-aligning too. He still carried the weight of his past, but it didn’t seem as burdening as it once did.

Three years into the academy, nearing graduation, Elgor was pushed into service aboard the USS Endeavour. The Nebula-class ship was being rushed from Earth to defend against a coming Borg attack. Elgors first space-faring assignment turned into the Battle of Sector 001, an engagement that instilled a deep understanding of the dangers that lay ahead. For a short time he got what he had originally wanted – he worked in the lower decks of the Endeavour as a maintenance engineer. His native empathic senses and nascent gifts however, drew him into a more public role. Upon request he was soon re-assigned to the USS Galaxy where he began his career in starship operations. From there he would serve through a number of major engagements again the Dominio, fonrging the young officer in war.

By the time Elgor had reached the position of a senior officer the Dominion War had drawn to a close and he found himself in a time of peace once more. The USS Liberty, a Intrepid-class starship, had drafted him as it’s Chief of Operations, and Elgor began a new mission of colony-building and diplomacy, something he’d had little exposure to during the tumultuous times of the war.

Elgor served for several years with the Liberty, first as its Chief of Ops and later as the ships Executive Officer. Ready to move forward, Elgor joins the Olympus as the ships Executive Officer. The transfer however, would almost immediately throw him into the Battle of the Round Table. Upon arriving in the Delta Quadrant the Olympus engaged the Borg. The course of battle cost the lives of the ships Captain and a number of officers. Cutoff from the Federation, Task Force 38 scatters to seek refuge, and command of the Olympus is passed to Lieutenant Commander Rae.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Cadet Senior Grade
CadetStarfleet Academy
RCS Thruster Maintenance EngineerUSS Endeavour
Operations OfficerUSS Galaxy
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Assistant Chief of OperationsUSS Galaxy
Chief of OperationsUSS Liberty
Chief Flight Controller and Second OfficerUSS Liberty
Lieutenant Commander
Executive OfficerUSS Olympus
Lieutenant Commander
Commanding OfficerUSS Olympus