Commander Sakura Carain

Sakura is one of the only living family members of President Hukari Carain. She is her cousin. Sakura is a skilled AMC pilot and has worked with Hukari for so long that she has gained skills in negotiation, leadership and being a good adviser. She use to work in Starfleet Security's Internal Investigations Unit which handled transfers to JAG personnel during investigations and assisted in those investigations. After leaving Starfleet Security she was trained by Dale Flint and qualified as an AMC pilot at the same time as Hukari.


Mother: Carrie
Father: David
Aunt: Mika Carain
Uncle: David Carain
Cousins: Hukari and Kori
Boyfriend: Joshua Travis
Guardian (14 – 16): Jessica Davidson (deceased)
Best Friend: Ren Reko (KIA during Sakura’s time in Internal Affairs on board the UDS Taskmaster)
Brother by Relation: Koto Kengori (Chief of Security – DFS Lavie)
Her entire family is dead except for two of her cousins. Right before she joined the military she worked in the sex trade.
Born on Malonfor Station to Carrie Carain and David Carain she lived a normal life for one year after which time her mother died in an attack by the unknown force that would destroy the station in later years. Her father gave her up for adoption and killed himself. Nothing more is known about her past until she joined the UDC at the age of 17 as a civilian officer; she transferred to Internal Affairs at the age of 18 and rose in the ranks of her division.
Detective Trent Lewis – Planetary Security Division 6 (Earth Branch) (4554)
Sakura’s mother was killed when the station she lived on was attacked. In sadness her father committed suicide after giving her up for adoption. Her adoptive parents treated her alright while they were being monitored by the adoption authority but after that point if she did anything wrong her mother would beat her and her father molested her. When ever she reported it no one would believe her and those that did got paid off by her adoptive parents. When her teen years began her father began raping her (anally) and her mother’s beatings intensified. It eventually got to the point at 14 that Sakura got a knife from someone at her school and when her father was going to rape her (vaginally for the first time) she slit his throat and her mother came in shortly after. She killed her as well. One of the other children that adopted saw this happen and was traumatized for life but managed to call the police. The state dropped the charges after medical and psychological exams were done on Sakura. Her next adoptive parent at 15 was raped and killed right in front of her and after that she drifted around though the cracks in the system not being taken care of by anyone. At 17 she joined the Military Academy. (Declassified from Military Security Records File 568 at the Earth Archives Office under order of the Federation Review Board)
She divorced John Miller on December 12th 4562 and renounced her adopted family name that same date. (Federation Vital Records Office)
Sakura after joining IA worked with Hukari to recover Earth. During this assignment she was intimately involved briefly with her cousin. She would then be assigned to the DFS Lavie. She was a mech pilot and intel officer under Misu. While serving on the Lavie Sakura met Josh and she tried to help him through his problems with Misu though that only led to a relationship. Sakura and Misu would have a pretty rocky friendship until the two of them agreed to a poly relationship with Josh. After completing her assignment on Lavie(Not going in to too much detail here as it is all on the forum) she joined Hukari’s staff and served as a special aide to the president until her request to be assigned to the Lavie A.
Education: Sakura has military training equal to a bachelor’s degree even though she only got a GED in school.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Cadet Freshman Grade
OIA Agent TraineeLos Malos Training Corps
Cadet Junior Grade
Field TraineeHSSF TSS Field Support
OIA AgentEarth; Delta Force Command
AMC Pilot TraineeMemorial Center Training Corps
OIA Special InvestigatorDFS Radius
Warden's AideThor MDF
Lieutenant Commander
AMC Squad LeaderTSS - Earth Operations
Lieutenant Commander
AMC Squad LeaderDFS Lavie
Lieutenant Commander
AMC Division CommanderDFS Lavie
Lieutenant Commander
President's AideGF Presidential Compound
Second Officer/AMC CODFS Lavie