Lieutenant Julian Durand

Julian grew up in a Starfleet-centric family, and has served with distinction through most of his career. He has consistently been said to conduct himself with integrity and ingenuity in his career with Starfleet. He received command of a Wallace class ship on his 30th birthday, and was stationed in the oft-war torn Gavarian Corridor for the better part of 9 months, before being transferred to a chief of security position on a larger starship. The ship was nearly destroyed in a skirmish with the Order of 12 in 2385. His crew was transferred to a larger vessel while the smaller ship underwent repairs and rebuilding. While stationed aboard that ship as an interim security officer, he has patiently bid his time as they make their way back to the Alpha Quadrant.


After his graduation, he was assigned to the U.S.S. Monitor, a Nebula Class Starship, under the command of Captain Lewis, as a Tactical/Security Officer. While Julian had very little interaction with the CO, he did receive high praise from the CSO/CTO, and after a few months, began to take the Gamma Shift on the Bridge. From the first time he set foot on the Bridge of the Monitor, he knew his goal was to sit center chair some day. His unique sense of humor (even while on duty) did cause him to be reprimanded on occasion, but the reprimands were never serious, and only one was ever officially entered onto his record. In the 3 years he spent aboard the Monitor, he did not advance in rank, which upset him slightly. Still, he did not let this agitate him too greatly, and was constantly putting forth suggestions and changes to his superior officers on more efficient ways to perform duties, as well as unique new ideas for drills and tactical practices. While these only drew a cursory glance from the CSO/CTO and his Assistant, the XO of the Monitor began to take notice of the hard work that Julian was attempting to put in.

The XO of the Monitor, Commander Emilie Chapel, was promoted to Captain. She approached Julian, and explained that while she couldn’t offer him a chief position due to his rank, she wanted to have him aboard as an assistant. Julian jumped at the opportunity, and transferred to Chapel’s new command, the USS Beagle, an Intrepid Class Starship, as the Assistant CSO/CTO. His superiors noticed he had a knack for leading people, and had organizational skills far beyond someone with his lack of experience in the field. After 2 months aboard the Beagle, Julian was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade. This was still not enough for him, and he continued to try to out-do himself, to prove to his superiors that he was meant for more than what his position currently was. On a science vessel, this was not an easy task. The Beagle never once went into combat. However, Julian prided himself on conducting routine Security drills and Tactical Practice with those under the umbrella of his command (always with the permission of his superiors.) He was found to have a fundamental understanding of how to work with different types of individuals, as well as how to motivate his crew.

After spending one and a half years aboard the Beagle, Chapel informed him that a unique position to serve as Commanding Officer on a very small Wallace Class Starship was available.