Lieutenant Junior Grade Oliver Wilde

Oliver has served of the Calvary for two years, he has been working on rebuilding his career and regaining the respect he'd lost from command. He wants to eventually leave Flight Control and take a much more directly responsible role within the Command structure.


Oliver was born to Mary-Anne Starfleet academy instructor and Jacob Wilde an Aerospace Design Engineer on April 7th 2366 he was born in Yorkshire England, his ancestral home, and taken to Cape Town South Africa where is father worked as soon as he was able to travel.

His parents whilst not the richest in the Federation were well off, his father was working on his second generation of freighter designs whilst his mother had accepted a promotion as Assistant-Chief Flight instructor in San Francisco.

At home Oliver was always around aircraft it was only natural that he took an interest, at the age of 5 Oliver was able to assist his mother by co-piloting their shuttle whenever they traveled, his mother taught him at a very young age to keep him occupied when he was forced to travel with them. No-one had expected that he’d concentrate for long enough let alone take so controlling the craft so well, withing a few weeks he was able to take off and land, crude flight but impressive for a 5 year old.

When Oliver turned 8 it was the most devastating time of his life, While in San Fransico Oliver was given into the care of their family friend, T’pal a Vulcan college of his Mother’s at the Academy. His parent were traveling back to England to have his sister Christine. 3 days later Oliver’s life was turned on its head, whilst traveling over the Pacific Ocean on their return trip, the craft they were flying in was believed to be hit by and errant solar flare and cast into the ocean, all lives on board were lost including his baby sister whom he’d never met.

The following weeks Oliver was thrown pillar to post within the governments foster system whilst they decided on what to do with him, his saving grace come from T’Pal, his temporary guardian that took her duties to heart and claim legal guardianship.

At 10 years Old T’Pal had taken Oliver well and truly under her wing, she took on the role of teacher too, he was taught Vulcan and their customs and views, she also helped with his studies, she somehow had a knack of explaining in a way that not only could he comprehend but he also retained the information.

On his 11th birthday Oliver was taken to a lesson in Capoeira by some friends, he enjoyed it so much he plagued his mother for membership, as Oliver never asked for anything until not T’Pal was happy to let him learn and spend time with other Humans, he had clung onto her when his parents died and was become more ‘Vulcan’ with each passing year.

At 13 Oliver would meet his adoptive father in person for the first time, he was cold at first, but Oliver soon learned that it was not the case, his mother had just been softened by her contact with humans, Cold and Logical was just the Vulcan way. It was then when T’Pal’s tenure at the Academy was over, her Husband had come to collect both her and himself to return to Vulcan where Oliver would complete his studies.

Vopar was a Government official and diplomat, he was of high status in the community and thus people expected a lot, focus got drawn to Oliver’s studies when he fell behind in class Logic was a Vulcan pastime and most of their studies drew from Logic as a base. Vopar discovered that Oliver was spending his study time trying and failing to practice Capoeira bad habits and mistakes through not having a teacher were beginning to show, rather than grow impatient he offered to instead teach Oliver Suss Mahn in return for greater study.

With the deal agreed Oliver soon became an above average student, on Vulcan not a thing to covet, but were he on earth he’d of finished top in the school. On completion of his studies Oliver was accepted as a Starfleet Candidate.

Whilst in the academy Oliver’s background on Vulcan pushed him to great success in his studies, he excelled in most of his classes but stood out first and foremost in his ability to handle spacecraft and sub orbital vehicles, his reactions were quick, honed by years of martial arts, his thinking sharp and clear from study on Vulcan and his special awareness and general aptitude a gift of genetics. It truly was in his blood. His greatest weakness was his indifference to other people.

Oliver went from strength to strength, his piloting career was looking great, after an initial setback of being rated as unsuited for Military flight he settled for Starfleet’s Helmsman as a profession, he’d show them unsuitable.

Oliver was nominated for both Command School initially which he turned down and Advanced Tactical Training by his instructor. He attended the program and after half the class washed out Oliver finished third in his class. Oliver passed with flying colours and Graduated to of his class, he first assignment was to the USS Destiny a Elysium Class Starfleet vessel

While serving on the USS Destiny as a Flight control Officer, He served with Distinction, spending many hours outside of his shift improving flight protocols and manoeuvres and after many months of efficiency updating was awarded the Distinguished service Medal for his efforts, Although the Destiny was primarily a diplomatic vessel, she was often the closest vessel near disasters because of it, and was routinely the first on scene, having performed a few rescue missions via shuttle and overseeing a few more Oliver was Awarded the Silver Palm and subsequently the Cluster a year later along with a Promotion to Lieutenant Junior and the Assistant Chief Conn Officer.

After saving the ship from a gravity well with the assistance of the Chief Flight Officer, Oliver was promoted to Lieutenant, it was a defining moment in Oliver career and he celebrated it greatly with his friends as he was the first in his class to achieve the rank. 2 Months later the Destiny was to head deep into Cardassian space to head a covenant between the Ferengi Alliance, the Federation and The Cardassians for a new trade agreement. During the negotiations, the Destiny was ordered into a nebula which began to drain power and corrode the Hull. It was Oliver Wilde who saved the day, but in the process nearly destroyed the ship and left the Nebula permanently damaged. The Cardassians pressed for criminal convictions, the Starfleet was pushing back with the fact that the Cardassians delegates lives were saved by Oliver’s actions. It was the Ferengi that came up with the suggestion that Oliver be sent to another side of the system, that way Starfleet kept their officer, the Cardassians never saw Oliver again, in return the Cardassians got a larger portion of the trade routes, Which ultimately suited the Ferengi better as the Cardassians brought a wider range of goods and so made it more profitable for them.

Oliver none the wiser on the details was Demoted to Ensign and transferred to the furthest regions of Federation space from the Cardassian borders, Now serving as the Assistant Chief Flight control Officer for the USS Cavalry. during his transfer, Oliver met with Ex-Marine Major Logan Dwight, and in a Game of Tongo won a Runabout from the Ferengi traders on DS9 and set up investment with Dwight Industries with Logan.

Oliver was once again thrown deep into a new mission with the Cavalry, which was hunting down a ship of their own. a Rogue Starfleet Captain of the USS Retribution, commanded by Captain Donald Worthington. The Cavalry was ordered to find the Retribution and capture Captain Worthington at all costs. It had now turned into a matter of security for the Federation, Starfleet was concerned it would damage the already fragile relationship between the Federation and Romulans after the Hobus Star incident. The Retribution Could not have been allowed to attack another Romulan outpost. It was for his swift actions during the mission that Oliver was awarded the Air Medal, and Captain’s personal merit alongside a promotion to Chief Flight Officer and the rank of Lieutenant Junior to go with it.


Oliver was onboard and part of the crew when the USS Cavalry were transferring the President-Elect of the Federation to earth for the ceremony. The Cavalry’s security was breached by an unknown weapon and the ship was boarded, the president-elect was captured. The crew of the USS Cavalry were successfully able to track down and retrieve the President-Elect before any undue harm was caused, the perpetrators were dealt with and the continuity of power and chain of command in the Federation remained intact.


The Cavalry went to dry dock for a refit and unbeknownst to the crew a transfer of Captains. The new captain was Captain Samual Wentworth and he came onboard with the Cavalry’s perhaps most daring mission to date, After leaving Earth, the USS Cavalry has some new systems, refitted areas of the ship and new crew throughout. Department heads are training new crew in the systems, all the while; the ship was heading off to the Klingon border.Intelligence reports had detailed that the Klingons were be planning an attack on either the Federation outposts that litter the border or the Romulan outposts that are trying to rebuild the Romulan civilisation after the events of the Hobus Supernova, they had been given the task of actually heading into Klingon space undetected and meeting with a representative from the Klingon High Council who wants to defect to the Federation.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Cadet Junior Grade
CadetFlight Academy
Cadet Senior Grade
CadetAdvanced Tactical Training
Flight OfficerUSS Destiny
Assistant CONNUSS Destiny
Flight Control ChiefUSS Cavalry
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Flight Control ChiefUSS Cavalry