Captain Harvey Geisler

Captain Harvey Geisler is the Commanding Officer of the USS Black Hawk.


Early Life & Career

Born Harvey Elmer Geisler on 24 March 2347 to parents James and Maggie Geisler of Earth. Harvey was the last of three children; the eldest being his sister, Samantha, 14, and then his brother Ivan, 12. Both James and Maggie were heavily involved in medicine; James worked several private firms in Research Departments while Maggie was an Emergency Room Nurse at Denver Medical Center. Their careers meant that they spent as little time at home as possible, meaning that they spent very little time with their children.

Samantha and Ivan found ways to get along fine without their parents—and without Harvey. Having lived at home for most of their lives, the teenagers often left young Harvey alone while they went to parties, got drunk, and got in trouble. Most of Harvey’s parental time came solely when Mom or Dad brought Samantha or Ivan or both home from various encounters with the law. Utimately, neither of the eldest children learned from their mistakes, forcing James and Maggie to allow their admittance to a correctional facility.

Determined to not let Harvey cause as much grief as Samantha or Ivan, James and Maggie began to take him to their workplace daycare center. Naturally, little Harvey used some lessons learned from Sam and Ivan. He could often be spotted out of the daycare center and hovering near James and Maggie. Their efforts to keep him in daycare were in vain as he continuously escaped, not just to be with Mom and Dad, but to watch what they were doing.

Over the years, Harvey’s interest in science and medicine grew to the point that he was hired by his father’s favorite firm, BioDynamic Pharmaceuticals, at age 15. For several years he worked on various projects, but found that the lifestyle just didn’t suit him. After thinking it over for several weeks, and on impulse, he went down the street to the Starfleet Recruitment Office, and applied for the Academy. He spent a year dabbling in different majors, both in advanced science and frontier medicine. Finally, he settled on a double major in Research Medicine and Battlefield Medicine.

In 2370, Harvey was assigned to the Excelsior-class USS Logos to assist with a system-wide quarantine in the Lypha system due to a widespread outbreak of Edlund’s Syndrome. He was influential in finding a cure for the syndrome. He was sent back to Starbase 211 a few months later as a team leader in part of a new branch in the Medicinal Research Department.

Dominion War

In 2372, he married Lieutenant (JG) Alison Michaels, a fellow researcher in his department. Shortly thereafter, the Dominion War began. Starbase 211 was soon overrun by Cardassian and Dominion forces. Fortunately, Starfleet sent an evacuation force as well as several Marine transports to defend the base until it was cleared. Harvey and Alison both were still aboard the starbase when the Dominion fleet arrived. The attack was swift and deadly, but they managed to board one of the retreating Marine transports carrying almost an entire division’s worth of wounded. The fleet fell back to Betazed where every blue-collared Starfleet officer or enlisted person was put to task with triage. Reports began to come in with news of the advancing Dominion fleet towards Betazed. The wounded began to be evacuated without their surgeons.

Harvey and Alison were still on Betazed as the Dominion Fleet arrived and overran the planet. At the time, they were in different triage centers. Alison’s center was taken out in the initial attack, and her body was never recovered. Harvey’s entire medical unit was captured and put to work in Cardassian triage center to take care of wounded Federation civilians and Cardassian soldiers. After five months of imprisonment, and finally learning about Alison’s fate, Harvey decided to take a page out his older siblings’ playbook. With some stolen firearms, he single-handedly led five doctors and eleven civilians to a Cardassian occupied landing pad and stole a cargo shuttle. With a change of luck, a couple of the civilians were able to falsify enough orders to get them near the Federation border and across to safety.

Harvey was immediately put back into service aboard the Marine Transport USS Delaware as Chief Medical Officer. He saw combat for the next couple years and to the end of the war. Due to the huge personnel shortage that the entire Starfleet suffered throughout the war, Harvey was transferred to the Saber-class USS Angelica to serve as Executive Officer at the rank of Lieutenant Commander. He was bounced back and forth through various ships for CMO and XO stints for the duration of the war.


Once the war was over and Starfleet began rebuilding, Harvey returned to medicine. He served on the Benjamin Franklin and the Logos, two ships instrumental in supplying aid to Cardassian refugees and rebuilding border planets.

Tired of the frequent running, Harvey transferred back to Starbase 211 for a short tenure as Chief Medical Officer. Eventually, he returned to his native skills as a researcher, taking over the Medicinal Studies & Research Department he helped to build at the start of the war. For four years, he developed cures, new medical practices and wrote countless papers. But the sight of Betazed out his quarters’ window became too much to bear. He had no intention of resigning, but Harvey had had enough of researching and anything that reminded himself of Alison. He petitioned the Command Academy Adjucant and completed his Command training he had begun in the war. Harvey was then transferred to the USS Schuster as Executive Officer. There he served for two years, quietly and thoroughly maintaining the ship’s crew while the ship explored the borders of the Alpha Quadrant. His final mission aboard took the ship deep into a nebula that nearly destroyed the ship through a chance encounter with the Tholians. Injured, Harvey took a medical leave of absence from Starfleet to recover and reevaluate his life.

With nothing to do and no way to deal with the pain any more, Harvey set foot on Betazed for the first time since his imprisonment. He visited the site where Alison was last seen and where a newly built hospital stood. After a few weeks of research, he discovered that Alison had been vaporized in the attack, never having suffered. Harvey paid his respects to a monument erected after the war and elected to remain on Betazed for the duration of his leave.

USS Black Hawk

Coming off his leave in mid-2387, a promotion came from Starfleet to position of Commanding Officer of the USS Black Hawk, which brought Harvey to a welcome, though very unfamiliar, change of pace.

Harvey assumed command of the USS Black Hawk in December of 2387, bound for the Gamma Quadrant as a part of Task Force 9. His first mission was to retrieve an out-of-contact Research Team in the Altair system. During the eventful retrieval, the Black Hawk encountered the Golden Stars for the first time. With permission from TF9 Command, Harvey led the Black Hawk deeper into the Gamma Quadrant to uncover more information. He was promoted to Captain during this search.

In April 2388, the Black Hawk was boarded by a group known as The Syndicate, an organization seeking to discredit and destroy the Golden Stars. Harvey was immediately captured but soon engineered his own escape and soon after the full defense of his vessel. A few days later, the Black Hawk located the origin of the Golden Stars and confronted and defeated The Syndicate at the same time. The Black Hawk relocated the survivors of the Golden Stars to a remote system and returned to TF9 Patrolled Space.

By this time, The Consortium had already completed The Event. None the wiser, Harvey accepted a mission to confront the USS O’Carroll and capture Commodore Zachary O’Connell. In his attempt to do so, Harvey learned the truth. Consortium agents aboard the Black Hawk revealed themselves. One of them shot Harvey in an attempt to keep him silent. Fortunately, the crew of the Black Hawk were quick to apprehend the agents and restore the proper command structure to the ship. Afterwards, Harvey began to quietly date the ship’s medical officer, Lt. Cmdr. Jayla Kij.

That romance was short lived as Harvey desired to rediscover the parts of himself that he’d lost over the years, beginning when Alison was killed. During the mission in the Hadyn Nebula, Harvey entered into a relationship with the ship’s investigations officer, Lieutenant Joey Corwin.

Before long, Harvey got his chance to fire back at the Consortium, leading a charge at Deep Space 11. While they were successful in overthrowing the Consortium, the cost was revealed to be too high as the Black Hawk was forced to crash land on the surface of New Bajor. Harvey was assigned to help with processing all Starfleet personnel and assets at Deep Space 11, and permitted shore leave once that was done.

In November 2388, nearly one year after he assumed his first command, Harvey was summoned back to duty aboard the new USS Black Hawk-A and charged to unravel a mystery that could spell danger for the Federation. His first mission took the Black Hawk to Finnea Prime where they were ordered to restore a balance of power and sanity to the planet, which had destabilized when the Consortium, acting as the Federation, withdrew Starfleet elements from the system. Following the mission, Harvey and Joey were wed aboard Deep Space 15. Just before the wedding, they learned that Joey was pregnant. Later medical examinations revealed that they would be having twins, one boy and one girl.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Cadet Senior Grade
CadetStarfleet Academy
Medical AssistantUSS Logos
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Asst. Research DirectorStarbase 211
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Chief Medical OfficerUSS Delaware
Chief Medical OfficerUSS Saber
Chief Medical OfficerUSS Santa Maria
Executive OfficerUSS Andrews
Executive OfficerUSS T'Pol
Lieutenant Commander
Chief Medical OfficerUSS Benjamin Franklin
Lieutenant Commander
Chief Medical OfficerUSS Logos
Lieutenant Commander
Director, Medicinal StudiesStarbase 211
Lieutenant Commander
Executive OfficerUSS Schuester
Commanding OfficerUSS Black Hawk