Ensign Vincent Turner

Transferred to the USS Cavalry after a tour on a science ship, Ensign Turner unexpectedly found himself senior engineer after his intended superior was injured in a transporter accident. With the ship on an urgent mission and refits not completely finished, he struggles to prove himself worthy of the Chief of Engineering title.


Technically born on Merak II in 2367, Vincent Turner was just two years old when his mother accepted a diplomatic posting to Bajor following the end of Cardassian occupation there. His sister, Wilhelmina, was born not long after, and both children spent much of their formative years on that world, barring a brief stay on Andoria during the Dominion War.

Vincent’s parents did their best to expose him to culture and the arts, asserting that these were what made a civilisation great, not merely its technology. He attended a local Bajoran school and was enrolled in several different extra-curricular activities, of which only his lessons to play the Bajoran pipes really stuck. What Vincent really took away from his immersion in Bajoran culture, though, was the reconstruction efforts of the people following Cardassian occupation. Despite his parents’ wishes, he soon found himself focusing on mechanics and engineering, and left for Starfleet Academy when he turned 18.

His time at the Academy was uneventful, though he was noted to be particularly adept with energy systems. Following Vincent’s graduation, he was assigned to Starbase 12 as part of the tail end of the Sovereign class refit program. In this role, he was part of the team of engineers assessing the first scheduled refit of the Sovereign class of ships after their 2379 upgrade.

In 2391, he was transferred to the Nebula-class USS Stoddart, again as an engineering officer. During the tour, an accident during an experiment on a radiolytic isotope set part of the ship out of phase with the rest. Vincent was critical in restoring the ship to functionality, earning himself a commendation in the process.

Wanting to leave applied science alone for a while, Vincent applied for a transfer to the USS Cavalry, a ship officially bound to patrol the neutral zone and offer assistance to the Federation (and, likely, Romulan) outposts in the area.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Engineering OfficerStarbase 12
Engineering OfficerUSS Stoddart