Lieutenant Junior Grade Lisa Creed

Lisa has blonde hair that is shoulder length and is Five feet five inches tall with Green eyes and a medium build, she has a sparkling personality and is fun to be around and is very flirtatious with another women.


Lisa was born in 2758 to Sam and Mary Creed, Lisa had a lonely childhood as she grew up with only those that she trusted, even in school she felt that some would not even go near her and others would.  Lisa concentrated on her school work while wondering how and why that people were staying away from her.

It was at the start of her high school years that Lisa started to make friends, but only with the girls and not many male friends; this worried her mother as Lisa was their only daughter. Lisa tried to tell her mother that she was happy but didn’t know why.

Whilst At the Academy Lisa met Paula Winchester who offered to help her get her grades up, whilst doing so, in the first year or so they had become quite close, although through the third semester Lisa was starting to get attached to Paula. During one of these afternoon sessions Lisa leaned over and kissed Paula on the lips.

It was after Graduation that Paula revealed her true feelings for Lisa in front of her family. Her Mother and father was okay with it but not Paula’s brother, Paul, who vowed never to talk to Paula again. This upset both women.

Lisa followed Paula to the Soval and then to the Journeyman but parted company when she was transferred to the Obsidian Colony as Chief of Security. She met Paula again on the Draconis but that lasted only a month.

After the failure on the Draconis, Lisa was sent back to the Colony as the Chief Security once more. That assignment lasted for 3 months and then she was transferred first to the USS Gladiator and then moved to Memphis Island as its Assistant Chief of Security.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Chief of SecurityUSS Steadfast