Lieutenant Junior Grade Heath Carter

High sense of duty, loyal to his friends and family. Strong willing and always gets the job done. Has a strong sense of justice. Analytical thinker. Physically fit, strong. He's Dutiful, loyal. Strong willed but he's also still young and learning. Sometimes has a 'youthful idealist' attitude, but he shouldn't be seen as 'innocent' or naive. Carter is an avid runner and kickboxer.


Personal History Born on Earth -2365
Service Record Entered Starfleet Academy -2383

Graduated Starfleet Academy, Rank of Ensign -2387

Assigned to the USS Enterprise-E as a Security/Tactical Officer -2387

Attends Starfleet’s Advanced Tactical Training course after the USS Enterprise-E is decommissioned -2387

Assigned to the USS Alabama as a Security/Tactical Officer -2388

Promoted to Lieutenant JG -2389

Transferred to the USS George Washington as a Security/Tactical Officer -2391

Transferred to the USS New Hampshire-A as the Security Investigations Officer – 2393