Captain Thomas Jorin

After returning from the Delta Quadrant, Captain Jorin finds himself commanding a new ship in a Starfleet much changed from the one he knew six years ago.


Thomas, Jorin was born on Earth in 2348 to parents Jeneice and Ben, Jorin. Whiling growing up he was Influenced a great deal by his parents, both Starfleet officer, his mother a tactical instructor at the academy and his father a bio-science specialist. At the age of nineteen his application to Starfleet Academy was accepted. During his time at the academy, Tomas distinguished himself as a skilled pilot, also displaying a good head for computer engineering. His instructors at the academy noted a natural talent for tactical thinking. This likely due to his mothers influence while he was growing up.

After graduating the academy, he was assigned to the U.S.S Atlantis as an engineering technician for three years. During that time, Jorin successfully passed his advanced flight training exam. Eventually requesting re-assignment to the newly refitted USS Sirius in 2374. This decision caused a rift between Thomas and his father, who had arranged him a position back on Earth. He departed aboard U.S.S Sirius in late 2374, taking the position of chief conn officer. Later that year he was promoted to full lieutenant and given the additional position of second officer. In 2375, Jorin development of a new design of shuttlecraft, based upon the existing type-6., which he christened ‘Rescuer’. In light of ships mission to aid U.S.S Voyager.

During it’s first fight, the Recuer malfunctioned, sending Jorin in to Aloner space. An Alaner commander captured and tortured the Lieutenant in hopes he would give up information on Federation technology. Mounting a rescue attempt, Captain Denis Kepler successfully recovered Jorin, aided by member of the Sirius’s crew. ┬áDuring the battle, Captain Kepler was fatally injured after he was shot with a bio weapon. ┬áBefore his death, Kepler made on request of his friend. That he look after his wife Calandrah and their children. Feeling responsible for his death, Jorin continued to support Keplers widow, Calandrah Paxton and her daughters years after the incident.

In 2377, the U.S.S Sirius was transported to the Delta quadrant prematurely by an alien entity inhabiting the ships warp core. While there Captain Paxton was involved in a trasporter malfunction, reversing her age to that of a 17 year old. Too young to command a starship, Commander Jorin was forced to take command of the Sirius. Later after the crew successfully made contact with Starfleet via a wormhole. The brass at Starfleet, made the decision to promote Jorin to captain. Handing command of the Sirius to him, Captain Paxton continues her recovery. While reprising her previous role as ships counsellor.

In 2384, he was given command of the Nebular class U.S.S Sirius, NCC-79045-A. At present the Sirius is assigned to sector G-40, negotiating the Mi’suri’s acceptance in to the Federation.