Lieutenant Junior Grade Kyle Rhodes

A well keep man, he chooses to keep his hair short but as long as the CO of where he is deployed is alright he does like to keep a beard. His skin is closer to pale, his body shape is someone who works out and does his best to keep in shape just in case something would happen and he had to get physical with another.


Kyle was born about a year and half before his younger brother Connor in the New York, his life through out his childhood to his young adult years was for the most part normal. He went to school, studied history which happened to be his favor subject, and spent a lot of time staring at the stars dreaming about what it would be like to be in space, to travel the galaxy, and to discover the unknown. After finishing up his schooling he didn’t have the time to go to the Academy right away, his father was injured during work and Kyle took it on himself so he could help his family by working in construction.

His time at the Academy when he managed to get in once his father had fully recovered was mostly uneventful, taking as much as he could to place him high in the class standings, of course that didn’t work out to his advantage leaving him swamped with work. This lead to Kyle excelling at the classes he did take placing high in his graduating class, no where near the best but he placed better then he would have thought. He took the time to help out his younger brother who was also in the Academy studying for Engineering which he looks forward to see where he goes with his career.

Now he is on a small shuttle traveling towards the USS Excalibur his first ship and hopefully home to the beginning of his adventures.