Commander Jordyn Elbrun


Jordyn Elbrun was born to a pair of Betazoids aboard the USS Horizon in 2356. His mother, Damhnait Elbrun, was a medical officer serving the crew, and his father, Fortu Elbrun, headed the staff of the ship’s mess hall. Jordyn wasn’t a fussy child and, outside of school, preferred solitary activities over socializing with the other few children on the ship. In an attempt to provide Jordynwith large doses of stability, Damhnait managed to transfer between starships as few times as possible.

In his adolescence, as his telepathy developed, Jordyn found it even more difficult to relate to most of the individuals around his age, who displayed almost complete dissonance between what they thought and how they expressed themselves. His new abilities were made even more confusing by the institutionalization of his infant sister who was born with her telepathy fully active. Andraia Elbrun has to remain a patient in the Cataria Institute for the entirety of her life.

Jordyn has a somewhat addictive personality; at different times throughout his life, he has devoted himself entirely to single ideas, concepts and constructs. While most of his obsessions have not been long lasting, music and temporal anomalies have been a part of his life for as long as he can remember. His father taught him to play the trysette, a Betazoid instrument akin to a Terran guitar, when Jordyn was a teenager. Fortu used it to teach his son to harmonize the opposing thoughts and feelings in his head through a technique utilizing musical cadence.

His interest in temporal anomalies began at age thirteen, when the ship Jordyn lived on had a brief run-in with temporal “hiccups.” He never learned the full details of the classified mission, but he immediately began studying all he could about unexplained anomalies in dimensional space and time. He devoted himself to his studies in school for years, to better understand the theories and technologies he enjoyed reading about in his private time. This continued until he was eighteen, when he realized his growing restlessness and frustration with school was stemmed by the purely theoretical study of time and space looming ahead in his academic future at a university or two on Betazed.

Jordyn immediately applied to Starfleet Academy, where he had a slightly better chance of studying temporal abnormalities up close, and was very likely to discover other, non-temporal, but still fascinating phenomena in a wide range of fields. He began more advanced physical training with his mother, as he continued to excel in his studies, and was admitted to the Academy on his first attempt.

He found his first year in Starfleet Sciences very challenging, as it suddenly seemed like everyone at the Academy was brighter, faster and stronger than he was. As well, his attention became divided by the end of his first year, once he began forming real friendships, now that he was in an environment with more like-minded individuals than he had known in his entire life.

Despite the amount of students who truly understood Tyler, there were still many more who didn’t quite get him. His refusal to submit to Terran societal norms, such as the use of tact in social situations, made him not terribly popular in the Sol 3-based Academy. By the end of first year, though, he became very close to a trio of other first-year students: T’Pril – a Vulcan, Marlon Tuc – a Bajoran, and Solina – a Deltan. The foursome were inseparable for the entirety of second year; a point punctuated by the stylized ring, based on the Betazoid symbol for infinity, they all had tattooed around their right biceps.

Ironically, by the end of third year, T’Pril returned to her distant temperament, Solina had a falling out with the group, and Tuc dropped out of the Academy. Suddenly alone, Jordyn was eager to go on his “cadet cruise” aboard the USS Miranda for his fourth year. On his very first mission, the Miranda encountered a pair of colliding alternative universes, leaving Jordyn greatly disturbed from meeting a sadistic quantum duplicate of himself. Weeks later, just as Jordyn was beginning to feel back to normal, Starfleet Academy instructed Cadet Elbrun to return to Earth. Because of a medical condition in third year, and this more recent upset in Jordyn’s life, the Academy officials were convinced that studying in the academic setting of San Francisco would be to his greatest benefit.

On the last of the several runabout trips it took for Jordyn to be taken to Earth, a mechanical malfunction left his pilot badly wounded, and the EMH offline. Jordyn attempted to provide first aid to the pilot, but didn’t have the knowledge or skill to save her, and the woman died shortly before a starship arrived to assist. By the time Jordyn arrived at Starfleet Academy, his wavering obsession with temporal anomalies ended for certain, as it struck him that all his knowledge didn’t mean much if he couldn’t even save a life. Despite the hardship it would cost him, and the intense studies he would have to continue for years after graduation, Jordyn thought about switching to Medical but the rethought it out and saw that a switch would add at least 3 more years to his Academy career.

Corran Mekar, a telepathic scientist whom Jordyn was close to on the Miranda, came to Earth on Jordyn’s graduation day to declare his love for Jordyn. The pair had courted briefly on the starship, developing primary mental and physical relationship. Reunited on Earth, as Jordyn continued to study the sciences, a strong emotional dimension evolved into their relationship. Together, Jordyn and Corran have joined the crew of the USS Excalibur Jordyn and Corran have since then ended their relationship. Jordyn was even offered a posting in Quantum Mechanics and as Assistant Chief Science Officer and soon proved himself worthy of both positions. He was subsequently promoted to Lieutenant, junior grade. Jordyn has since taken a transfer to the USS Thomas Payne as Chief Science Officer at the rank of Lieutenant. He was later promoted to Second Officer and  to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. After a year there, he requested a transfer to the newly commissioned USS Saturn.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Cadet Senior Grade
Cadet - Science (Temporal Mechanics/EMT-A)Starfleet Academy
Quantum MechanicsUSS Miranda
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Quantum Mechanics Department and Assistant Chief Science Officer - promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, junior gradeUSS Excalibur
Executive OfficerUSS Saturn