Lieutenant Junior Grade Walter Roebuck

General Overview: Loyal and honest. Like his older brother Jonathan Roebuck IV who serves aboard Starbase 400, Walt will put the people he cares about above his own needs. Tactically sound in Starship Operations, and a fearsome fighter on the ground, trained in multiple fighting styles. Also like his older brother, Walt has been known to disobey orders if he believed those orders to be unjust or against Starfleet code. That said, he has a very strict personal code of what's right and wrong.


2362 – Born aboard the USS Berlin (which is why his parents gave him a more German sounding name).
2364 – Arrives on Earth with his family. They live for a short time in Hamburg Germany.
2366 – Family moves to Spartanburg South Carolina for a few years.
2369 – Family moves to Starbase 32, where his father is assigned Commanding Officer.
2373 – Family is moved to Starbase 96, where his father is assigned Commanding Officer.
2376 – Family moves back to Earth, lives just outside Miami Florida.
2378 – Family moves to Tyco City, Luna.
2380 – Enters Starfleet Academy
2384 – Graduated Starfleet Academy, assigned to Starbase 400 as a Security/Tactical Officer, attended Starfleet’s Advanced Tactical Training course later in the year.
2386 – Assigned to the USS Maryland as Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer.
2387 – Assigned to the USS Unification as Chief Security/Tactical Officer, replacing his brother who took over as Chief Security/Tactical Officer of DS6.
2388 – Transfered to the USS Nomad as Chief Security/Tactical Officer.