Captain Wyatt Hickerson


Wyatt Hickerson was born in 2332 on Deneva while his father was absent on a long range science mission on board the USS Cabal. Calvin Hickerson and the ship he was on vanished in 2335 and six months later was presumed to be killed in action. Wyatt was the only child and his mother Greta never remarried after his father’s assumed death. She held onto the fact that he would walk through the door any day, however this never happened and the vessel has never been found.

In 2350 he joined Starfleet through the Academy after successfully being accepted the year before. Based on the stories that his mother told him his father Calvin was a science officer and, so Wyatt chose that field of study. He chose to major in Entomology and graduated from the Academy in 2354. Wyatt was granted the rank of Ensign and was assigned to the USS Zeus as the Entomology officer. He was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade within the first six months after his work saved the ship from an insect-like humanoid species that attacked them.

By 2360 he was up for orders and chose to be the Assistant Chief Science Officer on board the USS Rochester. The vessel was assigned to the Cardassian border in order to help protect several colony worlds that had been attacked previously. This was the first time he would see combat when two Cardassian warships attacked the vessel while on patrol. The ship was boarded while he was running to the bridge and he was able to pin down the boarding party until a tactical team could take over the situation. Wyatt was awarded for his actions and, later promoted to Lieutenant in 2363.

In 2366 he was selected to be the new Chief Science Officer of the USS Rochester after the current one was transferred to another ship. Wyatt had stumbled upon information that could also shed light on the disappearance of his father more than thirty years earlier. However, after two years of following dead ends he gave up. In 2373 he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander and reassigned as the Officer In Charge at R-932 along the Cardassian front lines. During his year long assignment there the Dominion attacked four times and he was able to lead his people to victory each time. The losses mounted and eventually Starfleet withdrew and pulled back. Lieutenant Commander Hickerson was reassigned from his squad to the USS Wayland in 2374 as the Chief Tactical Officer on board.

The ship would be destroyed in 2375 at the Second Battle of Chin’toka when the Allied fleet was overrun. Most of the crew had been killed and Hickerson was injured while getting personnel to the escape pods. He spent several months at Starbase Three Nine Nine undergoing treatment from his injuries. Following the war Wyatt was reassigned to serve aboard the USS Trenton as the ship’s Executive Officer. He began working once more in the science labs during his off time to make up for the two years that he was fighting the Dominion War. His previous command experience gave him an edge and, the Commanding Officer used this to his advantage.

In 2380 he was promoted to the rank of Commander, but remained aboard for another year. Hickerson was given his first command in 2381 the USS Iwo Jima and assigned on deep space assignments gathering data in a recently discovered cluster in the galactic south. Wyatt was promoted to the rank of Captain in 2385, but remained in command of the Iwo Jima. He remained in command of the ship until 2388 when he submitted for command of a starbase.