Lieutenant Junior Grade Trax


Trax Lo Geth, along with his twenty three siblings were born on September 17th in the year 2239 on Edos. Like most Edosian families, Trax and his brothers and sisters were brought up to care for each other and the world around them. They were a peaceful people though like most species scattered throughout the cosmos there was a time when violence encompassed their world. It is a lesson most species must learn as they evolve – to overcome the things that cause strife amongst their own kind. The elders on Edos, having lived hundreds of years, and some having lived through those troubling times have constantly reminded the youths of tomorrow of the troubling implications of war and conflict. It was from that moment that most pledged to do good in their lives.

It wasn’t until first contact between the United Federation of Planets and his people that Trax discovered his true calling and the meaning of that pledge he had made as a youngling.

Trax had always been a dreamer. There had been speculation for many years now amongst the highest researchers that the Edosian race was not the only one to inhabit the cosmos. The first meeting between the Federation and Edos was met with great joy and celebration. Naturally, some were still sceptical of their newfound galactic neighbours. Some worried that they would take the resources native to their world and leave it for naught.

Despite the doubts, and after months of negotiations, Edos and the Federation signed a trade agreement. This trade agreement helped pave the way for some Edosians to leave their homes and start careers within Starfleet. It only made sense. After all, the Edosians shared many of the ideals that made the Federation so great.

Following his first Rebirth, Trax enlisted into Starfleet Academy and departed Edos for Earth. This was the first time that he had ever ventured off world and he relished in the opportunity to learn about other cultures and play a part in the historic unfolding of the quadrant.

As a youngling, Trax often enjoyed pulling pranks or telling jokes to his fellow brothers and sisters. At first, his actions were purely out of fun and love for his family but as time passed and his sibling became much more used to dealing with his mischievous deeds, he began to think of the whole activity as a challenge. It was then, at a much older age, that he would put some more thought into the pranks that he did. In turn, he would observe and study the actions and reactions of his siblings to determine his next course of action or trick to be played.

Though unknown to him at the time, his passion for trickery as a youngling would greatly help him with his direction in Starfleet. Not only did he have a good understanding of the behaviour of people, throughout his studies at the academy he had displayed some skill in handling investigations. His path into Starfleet Security had pretty much been decided for him years before he had even known about the Federation. Though his primary focus at the Academy was Security, Trax also branched off into other fields and studied Advanced Subspace Geometry, Astrophysics, and Tactical Analysis.

Four years after joining Starfleet, Trax graduated from the academy and was then assigned to the U.S.S. Tamerlane as a security officer. He remained in that position for only two years. While ensuring the safety of his peers was important to him, he wanted to be more involved with the ship’s day to day operations. After discussing the matter at length with his superiors and considering his options, Trax decided to transfer over to the command division, becoming a Navigator in the process. He served as such under Captain Chaves for another three years before being reassigned to the U.S.S. Invincible. Although he was sad to leave the Tamerlane, Trax did understand that being moved from one assignment to another was a common thing in Starfleet.

Trax’s stay aboard the Miranda-class, Invincible, was much more lengthy. In his eleven years of service to Captain Trudeau, he was promoted in rank to Lieutenant Junior Grade as a result of his hard work and dedication to Starfleet. He also took over as Chief Navigator of the ship in 2278. Trax remained a member of the Invincible crew until 2284. It was then that he requested a leave of absence so that he could return home to Edos in order to prepare for his second rebirth which was set to take place in 2289.

Unforeseen complications during the rebirth process led the Edosian into taking four additional years to fully recover. Trax returned to active duty in Starfleet and was assigned to the U.S.S. Delphinus as Chief Navigator.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Freshman Cadet
CadetStarfleet Academy
Sophomore Cadet
CadetStarfleet Academy
Junior Cadet
CadetStarfleet Academy
Senior Cadet
CadetStarfleet Academy
Security OfficerU.S.S. Tamerlane (Saladin-class)
NavigatorU.S.S. Tamerlane (Saladin-class)
NavigatorU.S.S. Invincible (Miranda-class)
Lieutenant Junior Grade
NavigatorU.S.S. Invincible (Miranda-class)
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Chief NavigatorU.S.S. Invincible (Miranda-class)
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Chief NavigatorU.S.S. Delphinus (Constellation-class)