Lieutenant Lera

About 59 kg in weight and 1.65 meters in height. Lera got her people's symbolic sign on her forehead. She got most of the time her uniform on and in her spare time she has loose clothes on. Lera is a person that is very open and very social but watch out if you talk about technology as she will ramble on about it until you get tired of it. When it comes towards her duties as an Engineer she is focused, calm and not easy to get distracted by others, even the Captain.


Risa, the beautiful tropical planet that is under weather control system and is seen as the paradise of the Federation. Ahh yes Lera was a happy child on this planet and she had nothing to complain about. She was however very interest in technology and wanted to learn from young age everything there is about it. Later on her 18th birthday she was accepted into Starfleet Academy to continue her dream to become an Engineering Officer.

After four years of hard study, she was not known as the best student, but rather the open social girl that loved to party. She was assigned towards the USS Delani that patrolled the Romulan neutral zone. There she learned the job of becoming a fine Engineering Officer and while there was not much to do on that ship, she had enough time to learn about her generation technology.

Lera then got assigned towards the USS Eisenhower, a rushbucket that was ready for retirement. But still she did her job and patroled the Cardassian borders. However it was 24/7 work for Lera to keep the ship going and after a few years the ship finally meets its maker and got decommissioned. Lera got reassigned towards the USS Delphinus as their new Chief Engineering Officer

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
EngineerUSS Denali
Lieutenant Junior Grade
EngineerUSS Denali
Assistant Chief Engineering OfficerUSS Eisenhower
Chief Engineering OfficerUSS Delphinus