Commodore David Hawkes

David is a well-kept individual in terms of fitness and in appearance. He is quite and thoughtful in demeanour yet every with a hawkish gaze of his surrounds. His voice is clear, yet soft spoken. At six foot David is not overly tall, nor in his build does he seem overly threatening. Due to his build of seemingly more stockier design, he appears shorter than he truly is. Such a disposition has served him well to never be the focus of attention in a room and being able to observe all of it.


In terms of place of birth and education, there was nothing out of the ordinary for David’s childhood. Typical earth town with a typical earth school. It was at home, where things were somewhat different than most families in the mid-24th century. David’s father was a civilian police officer prone to alcoholism.

Occasional violence would occur, but the family would never speak of it. David was forced to help care for his mother, sister and rather hapless elder brother. But David had little patience to be a slave to another hell.

David alike all his siblings had shown a rather keen intellect in school, and such was readily accepted into Starfleet Academy at aged eighteen. He found his grounding easily in the tactical and strategic modules of the Academy after the base core modules. To protect…and to be able to defend ones-self. Not a bad choice really in his mind, starfleet security.

After serving aboard the USS Fenris for several years under Timothy Richardson’s command, David soon experienced the full brunt of the Dominion War as it erupted. Torros III, Operation Retake, Betazed and more….he became one of the ships leaders in military planning.

As the war ended, he soon caught the eye of Starfleet Intelligence and was soon assisting them on the odd occasion. Between every Operation was an assignment as a sector chief of Strategic Operations…

…this cycle repeated for quite some time until he found himself given the USS Fenris itself and the title of Task Force 93’s Executive Officer.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Cadet Freshman Grade
Cadet Freshman YearStarfleet Academy
Cadet Sophomore Grade
Cadet Sophomore YearStarfleet Academy
Cadet Junior Grade
Cadet Junior YearStarfleet Academy
Cadet Senior Grade
Cadet Senior YearStarfleet Academy and Cadet Cruise (USS Fenris)
Security / Tactical OfficerUSS Fenris
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Assistant Chief Security / Tactical OfficerUSS Fenris
Chief Tactical / Security OfficerUSS Fenris
Lieutenant Commander
Chief Strategic Operations OfficerUSS Fenris
Lieutenant Commander
Strategic OperationsEarth, Starfleet HQ
*Redacted*Starfleet Intelligence
Strategic OperationsStarbase 285
*Redacted*Starfleet Intelligence
Task Force 93 Executive OfficerUSS Fenris