Captain Autumn Holmes

Autumn is relatively short in height, and lithe in build. Her long blond hair tends to flow in free, loose curls, laying softly onto her shoulders. When on duty, she tends to keep it pulled back into a neat pony tail, and out of the way of what she is doing. She carries herself with a casual air, even while on duty, and is known to smile frequently. Autumn is a generally happy woman, who smiles frequently while on and off duty. Her command style (like her bedside manner) is generally very relaxed, and she prefers to converse with most of her senior staff on a first name basis versus rank and last name. There are those in both the Admiralty and amongst her various crews that have suggested she break this habit, but Autumn firmly believes that it fost


Autumn was born August 5, 2341 in Tycho City, Luna to Reichardt and Anjelica Darby, the middle of the children of the family.  They were both low level politicians on Luna, and dedicated most of their time to their children as doting and loving parents. They were all encouraged as children that they could be anything they put their hearts and minds to, and that nothing was out of their grasp.


At the age of 11, Autumn had to undergo emergency surgery to remove an inflamed appendix. While this was a relatively mundane and easy surgery by modern practices, it set the foundation for what Autumn would consider to be her lifelong goal: to become a doctor and help the suffering and less fortunate of the galaxy.


At the age of 16, she graduated 2 full years early from secondary schooling, and after a long and arduous process (as well as having to re-take the entrance examination 3 times) she was accepted into Starfleet Academy’s Medical Division, with the declared intent of majoring in surgical medicine. Her first four years were not easy ones, and as a result she had very little time to spend with the few friends she had made within her own department.


At the age of 20, she received her official commission, and was transferred to Starfleet Medical to complete her doctorate in Surgical Medicine. In 2361, while attending the Medical Academy, she would meet the great love of her life, James Holmes. He was attending the Command Academy course training concurrently with her own training, and the two hit it off immediately. They had a whirlwind romance, and in 2362, they were married.


In 2364, at the age of  23, Autumn received her doctorate degree from Starfleet Medical, and was assigned as a Medical Officer aboard the USS Olympic, the flagship of the class. It was in this same year that her son Thomas would be born. Owing to their status as a commissioned married couple, and the fact that their career paths differed, James and Autumn would be stationed on the same vessels for the majority of their careers, which pleased Autumn greatly, as very few career officers could boast the same privilege.


Her five year cruise aboard the Olympic would show her superior officers that Autumn was not only adept at her chosen career, but she was clearly capable of leading and directing people efficiently and cohesively. The CMO aboard, Doctor Hensen, would consistently report of her skill with a laser scalpel, her calm and soothing bedside manner, and the consistent improvements that other nurses and medical assistants showed when assigned to Autumn’s duty rotation. In 2368, the Olympic would be deployed to serve as a Humanitarian Aid Station and Orbital Hospital to Sigma Pico III while the planet was under quarantine. It was here that she would receive a Starfleet Letter of Commendation for her heroic efforts in the Juvenile wing.


Ultimately, Sigma Pico III was considered a lost cause, and while there was much work to be done to ease the suffering of those still involved, the Admiralty re-deployed the Olympic, which would haunt Autumn for most of the rest of her life. She filed several formal protests with the Admiralty, but they would come to no avail. Autumn pressed on, as all good officers do, but her general unwillingness to abandon a situation when it seems the most dire and hopeless would follow her for the rest of her career.


In 2369, at the age of 28, Autumn received several offers of surgical residency from planetside Starfleet Medical installments. She knew that like most officers on the command track, her husband’s great love was for the stars and exploration, a trait she shared. She turned down the planetside assignments, and instead transferred to the USS Atlantic with her husband: he as the XO, she as the Assistant Chief Medical Officer. They would remain aboard for six years, and the Atlantic would be the Holmes’ home throughout the Dominion War. As an older Excelsior refit, the Atlantic was not fit for front line duty, and as such was often relegated to the position of a support ship. During several of her deployments, the Atlantic was assigned as a mobile field hospital, and it was in these types of deployments that Autumn shone the brightest. She found she had a great respect for the triage medics attached to her medical team, and went on to see many of them promoted to nursing and doctor positions of their own through her tutelage.


In 2370, Autumn would bear a daughter, who she would name after her grandmother, Gwendolyn.


In 2374, Autumn led a small group of doctors and nurses on an away mission to aid the victims of a recent Jem’Hadar attack. The distress signal was a ruse, and the away team was held hostage by the Vorta leader of the Jem’Hadar battalion. While the situation was obviously stressful, Autumn’s team stated that she maintained a calm demeanor. She was able to negotiate for the release of several of the local citizens that had been held hostage, under the guise that without immediate medical attention they would die. While it wasn’t necessarily true, the bluff worked. The situation de-escalated with the arrival of several other ships to the planet. Seeing that the upper hand was no longer theirs, the Vorta ordered the Jem’Hadar to beam out and leave the system. The next six years would run along similar lines for Autumn, with her being one of the vessel’s senior surgeons on staff, as well as one of their most skilled diplomats.


Owing to the praise she received for her dual role aboard the Atlantic as well as her renowned grace under pressure, Autumn was offered Chief Medical Officer aboard the Ambassador Class USS Prestige. This was with the express understanding that James could not transfer with her, as after 2 months time, the XO of the Prestige would receive her own command and Autumn would be promoted to that position. It was a tough decision to make, but Autumn accepted. She once again performed exceptionally well in her roles aboard the Prestige, and when that vessel was decommissioned, she transferred laterally as XO to the USS Ophiucus, a Nebula Class, with the rest of her crew.


In 2386, Autumn was given command of the USS Titania, an Atlantia class. The Titania was deployed to the Beta Quadrant on routine patrol. In early 2388, while providing standard relief supplies to an outlying Federation colony, the Titania was attacked by a patrolling Borg Cube, and severely damaged. Of the 245 souls aboard, 75 were assimilated, and an additional 100 were killed in action. The quick action of the Titania’s chief engineer was able to save the day, and the rest of what was now a skeleton crew limped back to Betazed in their broken ship. Repairs of the Titania would take the better part of a year, and Autumn was re-assigned to the medical facility aboard Starbase One, where she remained for several months.
Recently, she has been ordered to take command of the USS Capitoline, a new Vesta Class vessel, and to continue the tenets of the Federation: peaceful exploration and humanitarian aid. Her daughter Gwendolyn remains aboard the Vesta with her, as she prefers life aboard a ship (all she has realistically ever known) versus life “dirt-side.”

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Cadet Senior Grade
CadetStarfleet Academy
Cadet Senior Grade
Doctoral StudentStarfleet Medical
Medical OfficerUSS Olympic
Assistant Chief Medical OfficerUSS Atlantic
Chief Medical OfficerUSS Prestige
Lieutenant Commander
Executive OfficerUSS Prestige
Executive OfficerUSS Ophiucus
Commanding OfficerUSS Titania
Commanding OfficerUSS Capitoline