Standing straight with her tail swinging around, P’Niia is a joyful woman that enjoys life and is in most situations very calm. When she is stressed her tail gets bigger and her claws might uncontrollably jump out. P’Niia has a vast and long experience in Security and Tactical situations and socially she is a strong talker. People will notice quickly that talking out of experience or trying to use their vast experience against P’Niia will be shot down and she will make her position clear


Born on  July 20, 2350 on Ferasa under the care of P’Nisarr and Rria. The little cheerful girl has always sprinted through the tall grass of the landscape playing with her friends and enjoying the lessons that her father P’Nisarr gave her in defending herself and reaching out to the stars to explore the unknown. Her father was a proud man and member of the Starfleet vessel the USS Andoria as their Chief Security Officer. This did make him go away for long periods of time but both P’Niia and her mother Rria always received him with warmed and P’Niia even kept contact over the hologram transmissions with her father. It was a whole new world for her and she was read books about the adventures that a Starfleet Officer had seen.

On her 18th birthday see showed both her parents that she was accepted into Starfleet Academy with the high grades she had worked so hard for. Both her parents hugged her and they were proud of her, she even let out a purr out of enjoying her moment. But at Starfleet Academy, she was one of the very few that was actually a Caitian and had to live with jokes about how she looked and how sometimes spoke. But it did not hold her back and she pushed forward to graduation day where she received her diploma and her assignment towards the USS Indianapolis, a Nebula Class that patrols the Romulan borders.

P’Niia served as the Security Officer on board the Indianapolis in the tense years with the Cardassian Union and the Dominion breathing down the Federation neck. With the allied forces joined by the Romulan Empire, the Indianapolis joined the strike force as they entered the Second Battle of Chin’toka. P’Niia responsible for the security of the ship and battled most of the Jem’Hadar soldiers that poured into the ship. In the end, the Captain orders a full evac of the ship as the battle was lost. P’Niia was one of the people that escaped barely alive as another vessel transport them back to safety.

After that harsh defeat, she joined the USS Mayweather, an Akira class vessel as its Assistant Chief Security Officer. Her records spoke for itself and she was even awarded some medals and ribbons for her contribution in the Dominion War. The Mayweather was part of some smaller battles, but also part of the end of the Dominion War. P’Niia served later on the Raeyan Transit Corridor for normal patrols and was even promoted later on towards the full rank of Lieutenant, to Lieutenant Commander and finally Commander. Even assignedChief Security Officer.

But when the invasion of the Klingon Rogue Fleet attacked and took over Starbase 911, history was repeating itself for P’Niia. This time she was firing the weapons and coordinating the teams to invade the Starbase to retake it. Many lives were lost in this battle due to the Klingon Rogue Fleet, Pirates and later on also the Borg. It was also the end of the line for her career in Starfleet. She felt that she could do more in the Federation as certain political choices were bad in her view.

P’Niia joined the team of Councilor Jarul Bezar as her adviser and responsibility for her safety. For a long period, they both worked together to fill in proposals and ideas to improve the relationship with the Federation and foreign countries. After the reign of Federation President Nan Bacco was over, Bezar wanted to try for President seat. P’Niia wanted to call her crazy, but she saw the exciting eyes sparkling and supported her friend and boss in this campaign. Towards everyone surprise and long drag of campaign Bezar won the election by a nip 51,1%. Bezar asked P’Niia to become her Chief of Staff in her administration, P’Niia smiled at her and accepted the proposed position. A whole new adventure was waiting for her at the Office of the President.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Security OfficerUSS Indianapolis
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Assistant Chief Security OfficerUSS Mayweather
Assistant Chief Security officerUSS Mayweather
Lieutenant Commander
Chief Security OfficerUSS Mayweather
Chief Security OfficerUSS Mayweather
Security AdviserCouncilor Bezar Team
Chief of StaffPalais de la Concorde