Notably attractive for a Ferengi. Brenk is tall and lean, standing at 5'2". His clothes are extravagant and well-kept. He has piercing emerald eyes and a slight, angular jawline.


Born on Ferenginar, the wet and swampy homeworld of the Ferengi species and birthplace of the Ferengi Alliance, as the youngest of three brothers, Brenk’s socialite characteristics manifested at an early age.

Whilst his eldest brother Azim studied the Ferengi economy and galactic trade agreements thoroughly and his older brother Brom spent his days playing with action figures and reading comics, Brenk put his tongue to work making friends.

At the age of 12, he was arguably the most popular apprentice and custodian in his work placement and excelled at selling goods to customers and advising them on purchases. All was going well for the perky and industrious young Ferengi. In his late teens and in to his early twenties, Brenk began negotiating trades between the Ferengi and other alien merchants exploring the Alpha quadrant, acting as a liaison and middle-man for both the Ferengi Alliance and the businessmen from beyond. However, all of that changed in 2379 when Brenk suddenly got a call from his mother back on Ferenginar.

Azim had upped and left for a system in Orion space and she had discovered evidence of his involvement with the Orion Syndicate as an informant against the Ferengi. He had betrayed the Alliance and sided with slavemongers, pirates, and worst of all, bad businessmen.

Brenk dedicated much of his spare time to tracking Azim’s movements from then on, knowing that he could not act against his brother and the Syndicate straight away. He continued to gather intel on his brother for the next 8 years until at last, an opportunity arrived.

Azim had moved in to the Driaan system, a place deep within the Borderlands of the United Federation of Planets, the Klingon Empire, and the Gorn Hedgemony. There he continued his work as an enforcer and fence for the Syndicate.

However, not long after his arrival, the Federation rose to took control of Driaan V, forcing the Syndicate and the other forces at work there back. Seeing the opportunity to finally take down his brother, he took the first shuttle there and settled in the newly controlled Federation settlement as a bartender, using his wit, charisma and contacts to locate his brother. It was from there that he learned of a particular U.S.S. Starship, the Southern Cross, that had recently been charted to leave the drydock of Driaan V under the flag of the United Federation of Planets. However it’s captain, Jack Lashmore, was a man of a less than scrupulous nature. Indeed, Brenk had done business with him on occasion before and the man, who was known for his penchant for alcohol, had frequented the bar on several occasions.

It didn’t take Brenk a moment to understand the opportunities that would arise with working with such a man, particularly one who had access to Starfleet’s resources and contacts.

The ship also had posted an opening for entertainment staff, including a bartender.

Brenk knew that he only had to look to the Rules of Acquisition that all Ferengi live by to make his next move.

Rule of Acquisition No. 9 – Opportunity plus instinct equals profit.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
BartenderDriaan V