Chief Warrant Officer Rodney Miller

Rodney isn't the easiest person to get along with, he can be try the temperament of even the most patient, he also has a complex in which he is convinced he's one of the smartest in his field even if he's never been picked to head a major design. His ability to work with what he's been given is though brilliant also comes with a problem, he comes access as person who might makes his deeds seem like tasks of such great skill and effort, sometimes they are other times... not so much. A Civilian he feels he can do anything the fleeters can, in some ways better however now he has a chance to finally find out.


Born on Mars Rodney had it easy, even by Federation Standards, being on the world home to premier shipyards of the Federation did have it’s challenges, nearly everyone was in the starship business, or something related to it.

His father had been a Civilian Research scientist working on subspace communication systems and his mother a Lecture at the Utopia planitia Technical University.

Doing quite well as was certainly expected He eventually decided to continue the family ‘business’, that of being involved in the starship business. He left for Earth to start his studies getting a place at the University of British Columbia.

Enrolling he studies first Just general Engineering before he found his focus, warp systems engineering. This had been a hard choice of what exactly to pick, he knew he wanted something but figuring that out took some time.

With the onset of the dominion war he considered joining Starfleet, however he did manage to get some hands on experience and continue his study working out of the Utopia planitia yards while studying remotely.

He spent his time doing his best to repair, bypass or otherwise work around battle damage, something that would become a strength even if the system looked a mess he could almost always find the sense behind it.

Going back to the yards and mars in particular had an effect of Rodney, he was glad to be home in some ways saddened in other, but mainly he was a mix of excited and nervous along with a splash of determination. Hew was also filled with a sense of performing perhaps vital work for the Federation and perhaps humanities’s survival.

With the end of the war he returned to the University and continued on Earning first his masters degree before he joined the team working on the Ronin refit, as member of Propulsion team.

Redesign the entire system hadn’t been his responsibility, mainly he was responsible for updating the system

Continuing his study he was able to gain his doctorate in 2381 while continuing to work at the fleet yards.

Working often as redesign or supplemental engineer he would work on and off with the production of the Ronin Class, along with a civilian consultant working at various starbases, fleet yards and even different ships, occasionally even assigned as a civilian specialist on a few vessels for some periods.

Eventually he would be the lead propulsion engineer for the construction of the Southern Cross, and would with the virtue of being involved in it;s design and construction along with having a few string pulls end up as the civilian chief engineer of the ship.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Chief Warrant Officer
Chief EngineerUSS Southern Cross
Warp propulsion & Subspace communications EngineerStarfleet Civilian Service