Lieutenant Colonel Nikki Johnson


Nicole “Nikki” Johnson was born as Laurena Rowan aboard a civilian transport vessel that was owned and operated by her grandparents.  The vessel was almost exclusively crewed by El-Aurians from a handful of families that had banded together to attempt to find a new home for the El-Aurians following the destruction of their home planet and while they had no real need to immediately reproduce due to the long life expectancy they did so amongst the families for a couple generation taking steps not to cross family genes. Eventually, that plan would no longer work and the families decided it was time to recruit new crew members and to send some of the families to settle elsewhere.

Nikki grew up and lived aboard the transport until she was about twenty-six years old.  The transport broke down within Federation territory at a Starbase and her family was having difficulty resurrecting the vessel and decided to salvage it.   While aboard the station she began to learn even more about the Federation and Starfleet quickly growing tired of life aboard a starbase. It was with the blessing of her parents that she departed the family business and enlisted in Starfleet.

Nicole’s earliest times in Starfleet were as a Crewman aboard a scientific vessel looking for her niche. She was interested in multiple roles all within science and medical. She was able to be assigned to the medical department of the ship as a Medical Support Assistant and began to get some hands on experience and administrative knowledge of how the medical department worked.  She often shadowed the ship’s medical officers and even at times the counselor when off duty. The counselor was often impressed with her and encouraged her to apply to Starfleet Academy to become a counselor and so she did.  Unfortunately, her dream of getting into the academy did not work out the first time.

After spending three years as a crewman she decided that she would apply to various schools to be trained to become a Petty Officer and reattempt the academy later.  About two months after applying to about a dozen schools she was selected for Corpsman training and was sent to school.  Upon completion of her schooling and being promoted to Petty Officer Third Class she went to her second Starfleet Assignment, regrettably aboard a Starbase.  She was very fond of her new position however and the ability to treat patients and to expand her knowledge was something she enjoyed greatly.

Her assignments ranged from various positions including aboard ships and a planetary base.  It was while stationed at the planetary base that her focus moved from her career to family life meeting a Master-at-Arms, Kevin Johnson on the base.  They were married at the conclusion of her tour of duty there and she resigned from Starfleet and they began a family shortly after. After three kids and forty years of marriage her husband passed away and with her children all adults and on their own, she decided that it was time for her to move on.

It was about two years after the passing of her husband that she was accepted into the Starfleet Academy and once again was uncertain of what type of career she wanted to delve into. She had thought of going to be a counselor like she had wanted all those years ago but decided that she wanted to go into a whole new direction and instead studied Federation History, Diplomacy, and Galactic Relations. Little did she know that one of her professors was from Starfleet Intelligence, looking for recruits, and saw an aptitude for picking up small details and using them to her advantage in various activities with mock diplomatic scenarios and such.  He approached her and explained his mission at the academy and was intrigued by what he had to say.

It was in her third year at the academy that she decided that she would join the Marine Corps. upon graduation and that while she’d keep her major the same she would be selecting courses that she thought could help her in the world of intelligence. After graduation and getting her commission in the Starfleet Marine Corps. she was sent to her first assignment on a Starbase where she went throughs specialized training to become an intelligence analyst.  Upon the completion of her training, she was moved to a base that was near the Klingon border and was assigned to analyze intelligence related to the political climate and government operations of the Klingons. She was bored at times but genuinely liked the work believing that she was helping the Federation.

It was the outbreak of the Dominion War that changed her from an analyst sitting at a desk to a Regimental Intelligence Officer on the front lines of the war. She saw many of the people in her unit killed and eventually was reassigned to a support unit where she came back into contact with the same professor who had got her to move into the intelligence world back at the academy. Even her former professor saw the changes in her demeanor and thinking from her experiences in the war.  He was able to get her reassigned to his command, a tactical intelligence unit, with an upcoming mission to attempt to directly infiltrate the headquarters of the enemy on the planet they were currently fighting on.

It took time to get the operation planned and to recruit a few more resources and the two became closer.  They got to know each other very well and she became the professor’s right hand within the unit. When it was time to launch the operation things went terribly wrong and even when calling on marine units to back them up only a four out of the twenty man team survived.  It was believed after the operation that the enemy was able to determine the identification of some of the team members including Laurena.

At the conclusion of the operation, she and the remaining team members were evacuated to a relatively safe location where there was intelligence base.  The units at this base were not your run of the mill units and most of them she’d never heard of or even dreamed existed. She was put into contact with her mentor’s commanding officer and was urged to select another identity and to go into cover or retire from service.  Weighing her options and afraid that her identity could be tracked she changed her name to Nicole Johnson taking from her mentor’s first name, Nicholas, and finally taking on her late husband’s last name.

Nicole adjusted into her new life and role within the intelligence community eventually gaining more tactical training.  She continued to specialize in operations that involved direct involvement of government interests. After the Hobus incident, she was assigned to work with a unit gathering and analyzing intelligence on the government of the Romulan Empire after the destruction of Romulus. Unexpectedly, at least she felt, she was assigned to the USS Bellona as Executive Officer.