Lieutenant Junior Grade Franklin “Tully” Tullerson

Franklin Tullerson, known by most as Tully, is an ace pilot in all manner of shuttles, fighters, and alien craft. He's a quick thinker and a quick study. But one thing that keeps him back is his attitude - a short fuse and a disregard for most authority figures gets him in trouble all too often. His blonde slick hair, blue-green eyes, and suave smile only get him so far, although he is not so hard on the eyes on duty or off. But Tully has to adjust to the special and specific circumstances of the Belladona - his biggest challenges lies before him!


Franklin, or “Tully” as he prefers to be called, had a fairly simplified upbringing, his parents both more hands-on blue collar workers on Earth. Tully was raised in a few rough neighborhoods as a youngster, but survived with strength and advice from his father. They eventually moved up in life to a better area where Tully was exposed to a bit more refined life. This was never posh, but it was not a slum or project or crime-ridden area. It gave him a slightly refreshed look at life.

Once Tully was of age, he truly wanted to join some form of law enforcement or perhaps even get into Starfleet. He was no where near skilled and educated enough for the officer academy, and thus he decided to get trained and work on Earth while he studied in extended schooling. His hankering for all things flight related had him drooling over flight school.

By the year 2374, at the age of 26, Tully was an accomplished local officer with a degree in atmospheric and inter-planetary aerospace craft operations and management. He would take to the skies often on patrols, often spreading out to the rest of the Sol system on joint-service missions, including working with Starfleet from time to time.

Tully could never get over his upbringing though and found himself in trouble one day on the force. The files are sealed for the time being, but suffice it to say that Tullerson resigned before he could get the boot, and scraped by on his entrance exam into Starfleet Flight Control Academy. He would speed through the academy, although not without further disciplinary actions along the way, in just three years.

2378 rolled around and Tully was ready for his first assignment. He had finally achieved that life goal of flying in space, including a plethora of small craft and small cruisers. He was trained in heavy cruisers and most other vessels in Starfleet, but he excelled at smaller craft. He even had an offer for a Marine detachment transfer for one of their Winged divisions. The Navy would not have allowed it, although the Marines rescinded the offer once they saw his records on the USS Portland and USS Farragut. His rougher side would haunt him yet again.
As the years rolled on, Tullerson became one of the best, if not one of the grumpiest, pilots in Starfleet. Known for his killer moves in fighter combat and life-saving maneuvers in normal shuttles, the Ensign finally made it to Lieutenant J.G. when assigned at Starbase 24. He would climb to Squad commander and first officer to the Wing commander there before receiving more reprimands. This time they almost cost him his commission. If it had not been for the sudden death of his father by heart attack and sympathy of Starfleet, he would have been sent home.

Instead, he was scraped up by a unique vessel that needed a daring, skilled, and multi-talented pilot, who could command other pilots and care only about the mission. Of course, his attitude would come with this next assignment. But at the ripe Human age of 40, the Bellona would end up being exactly what he needed.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Wing CommanderUSS Bellona