Captain Elias Ross

Elias Ross is a Human male and currently is the Commanding Officer of the USS Shepherd.


Elias “Eli” Chester Ross was born in the City of Chicago, Earth to two civilian researchers. Both Kyle and Mason Ross worked in a Federation funded laboratory outside the city. Eli was a surprise as Mason had problems with getting pregnant from the results of an emergency surgery in her youth. Eli is named after Mason’s father and brother who died tragically in the Battle of Wolf 359. Eli was an energetic child who was often found running and playing into all hours of the day.

Eli began his High School years with a high proficiency for the sciences, particularly biology. His teachers and parents encouraged him pursue Xeno-Biology in college. After graduating, Eli began his studies at Star Fleet Medical. His intent was to become a Doctor but after a brief encounter in space he got the bug to explore.

Eli transferred from Starfleet Medical and left for Starfleet Academy to study Command. His first two years after graduation had him placed on the USS Alberta and soon after the USS Freemason as a Science Officer. His knowledge of Xeno-Biology allowed him the dual role as a Triage Medic during several battles with the Breen and the Gorn. He left the Freemason while this ship was in repair for a brief quiet life on Starbase 334.

The Captain of the USS Alberta, asked Eli to return to a more active duty as the Head of the Science Department and her Executive Officer. When the Alberta was placed in mothballs, Ross transferred to the Shepherd alongside the crew. One year into the tour as the Shepherd’s Executive Officer the crew had fallen into battle with the Borg. Several people died, including the Captain.

Eli fronted efforts to bring the Shepherd back to service and ¬†was one of five candidates to take over as the Argonaut Class’s Commanding Officer. He won his bid over the more seasoned officers. However this was not meant to be as the Shepherd was called to duty and was nearly lost all hands during the Battle of the Round Table.

After a month of personal physical recovery, Eli was given command of another vessel instead. The USS Saturn

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Cadet Freshman Grade
CadetStar Fleet Medical
Cadet Sophomore Grade
CadetStar Fleet Academy
Cadet Junior Grade
Cadet- Command/ScienceStar Fleet Academy
Cadet Senior Grade
Cadet- Command/ScienceStar Fleet Academy
Xeno-Biologist/Traige MedicUSS Alberta
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Xeno-Biologist/Triage MedicUSS Alberta
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Assistant Chief Science OfficerUSS Freemason
Chief Science OfficerStarbase 334
Chief Science OfficerUSS Alberta
Lieutenant Commander
Executive Officer/Chief Science OfficerUSS Alberta
Executive OfficerUSS Shepherd
Commanding OfficerUSS Shepherd