Lieutenant Grax

General Overview emaehe (Mine) Re'latak - maenek (Doctor) AƤrmalik (2382) "Next patient, Grax. Ah yes, Grax is one to keep his tongue to himself and does what he is told. The old man has seen some battles over the last decade, in name of his Empire. No one in the mines of Remus dares to challenge him. Thought he might be a enjoyment for the guards to see him fight and bleed, he keeps his opinion of how he feels to himself. I somehow envy this man, knowing what he did for the Empire and never really struggled even when his wife died on him. He understands what the Empire wants from him. Strong, defensive and tactful. If this man ever comes out of these mines, I would not be stunned to hear that he was promoted to a leading position of a Reman Command unit. He knows what is expected of him


Born on 2298 in the depths of the mines of Remus, the crying was calm down by the mother named Eveln. Raxs the father was not there to witness his first born son to be set foot into the dark mines. Eveln was taken care by the Romulan medical team, well as far as care could go towards.

In the time that this young one grew, it learned the vital things to stay alive, food, water, strength, defensive and offensive. No these mines were no place for a child like him, yet he learned how to survive these dark tunnels. His younger brother Trex died when a mine collapse, did you know that Remans were put to work when they could stand on their feet?

Romulans, pff they did not care if you were 40 years old or just 5 years old, work had to be done and so they did. Grax was his name, a name that ego through the tunnels and mines as he earn his name and pride of his family. Raxs only watch when his first born was fighting for its life. The code is very simple, you get challenge, you accept whatever the result might be.

At the age of 16 it was a Romulan Guard that was target for meddling in a battle. Well the death of that guard got Grax almost the death penalty. Almost.. as the head guard saw potential in him and sends him towards the hell named Bootcamp.

At 2328, Grax was introduced towards the ice cold lands of Kevratas, the planet was known for its sudden death drops of freezing. While the Romulan officers were warm in their huts and buildings, the Remans were to stay behind and do patrol routes around it. Grax learned there the will to survive under the right weather condition. When the freeze came, dig a hole and get into it and wait for it to past.

At 2328, Grax was redeployed at the Imperial Legion at Cort, a place that was taken by force by the Romulans and were to stay ground at the very same place. At 2352 he was promoted towards Elder Slave and later on he was challenged by the Reman Master by a insult made by himself. He made it swift and the death made him the next Reman Master, responsibility over all Remans at that planet.

Then the Dominion came, for a while they did nothing and the fools even made a treaty with the Dominion. Grax knew there was a battle coming, soon the Remans were going to be used as cannon fodder and he was damn making sure that was not the case for him and his remans. He was soon involved in taking over Gastrat, Minrsk and the Romulan outpost Orisk. Heck they even took Outpost 432, a wealthy outpost that was once a Federation claim.

Many battles that all ended up at the hands of Cardassia. Many Remans lost their life’s there, but Grax troops were selected as one of those special once’s and survived quite a lot of battles. After the battles, after the war they were selected to go back towards the darkness they came…Remus.

For years he stayed there and worked at he side of his old man Raxs to do what every Reman did. Mine and mine some more, after a long period a Federation Transport came to save them? They left from Remus with the USS Neco, away from the system as the Supernova went overdrive taking the old planets with it.
For the next few years Grax served on the IRW Imperiax as its Reman Commando and served loyal under Commander Volus as his voice towards the troops and any communication towards any other Remans out there. In 2388 he followed the switch of the Imperiax new ship and became Leader of Weapons Control with still command over the Reman Commandos. He is known in history as the first Reman to take a Romulan position on a Romulan Star Navy vessel.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
RecruitBoot Camp
Weapons Grunt1th Company, 5th Reman Commando Regiment
Slave Reman CommandoRomulan Rei'kara (Imperial Legion)
Remand CommandoRomulan Rei'kara (Imperial Legion)
Remand CommandoOutpost Gastrat
Remand Commando / Leader of the Weapons ControlIRV Imperiax