Lieutenant Trevan Ventor

5' 9" 120 lbs White hair that has receded past the roots of his antennae. Blue eyes


Ventor was born in 2358. Due to his father’s Aenar heritage Ventor was bore blind but without the telepathic abilities of the Aenar.

In 2360 at the age of two he underwent several surgical operations that allowed him to see.

Ventor was raised in home his mother inherited from her father. Along with the home came three ice caves where the Aenar ferns are grown. The ferns where named after the Aenar due to the ferns pale blue color. The seeds of the ferns are harvested and then used to make Andorian ale. Growing up Ventor would help his mother harvest the fern seeds and as he got older he let his younger siblings help his mother and helped in the brew house on the property where the seeds where turned into the Ale. Working in the brew house he naturally gravitated toward maintain the equipment.

2374: At the age of 16 he entered Starfleet Academy.  Shortly after entering the Academy Ventor started to notice a problem with his vision.  He could not see as far as he used to.  Things at the edge of his vision were starting to loose focus.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Propulsion SpecialistUSS Denver / Galaxy Class
Engineering OfficerUSS Archer / Akira class
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Assistant Engineering OfficerUSS Archer / Akira class