Lieutenant Glorm


In the year 2360, Glorm was born on Ferenginar to his parents Bargis and Milta. While Milta stayed at home to take care of her child, Bargis operated a successful dilithium mine on a far away moon on the fringes of Ferengi space. Glorm did not see much of his father while growing up and he was influenced greatly by his mother as a result.

Like all Ferengi, Glorm learned the Rules of Acquisition at a young age. At Glorm’s Naming Day, when he was formally introduced to the world outside his family, he soon realised that he did not have the same thirst for profit as the other children his age. It did not take very long for Bargis to learn of this atrocity and he scolded his wife and son for turning out the way they did. Bargis abruptly ended his marriage contract to Milta. This did not bode well for Bargis and his business.

When news of the breach of contract reached the ears of Milta’s father, he fell hard on Bargis, suing him for every piece of latinum that he had. Bargis’ mining operation quickly fell into bankruptcy and shut down, leaving him with nothing. Bargis was now lower than low.

With the marriage between his parents dissolved, Glorm was forced to live with his father. These were the worst times of his life. For years they struggled to get by on a day to day basis. Glorm was frequently abused by his father who accused the boy of being responsible for everything that had happened.

It was around this time that Glorm first learned about a Ferengi named Nog who served in the Federation’s Starfleet. He was instantly intrigued by the grand tales of profit and adventure surrounding Nog and soon found himself wondering if living a life away from Ferenginar and his father was a better choice for his future. During the years that followed, Glorm followed Nog’s career in Starfleet with great interest.

As the Ferengi Attainment Ceremony neared, Glorm had to make a decision about his future. There was no way, because of his father’s past, that he would be able to successfully conduct business with others on Ferenginar and be able to earn a profit. No, that was not the path for him. Glorm decided then that his best chance to live a profitable life would be to start somewhere new. Some place where his past could not follow him. Glorm wanted to follow in Nog’s footsteps and become a Starfleet Officer. If the rumors of infinite wealth held true, he would be rich in no time.

After having done research on the application process to join Starfleet, it was apparent that Glorm had to make some connections with some high ranking Captains or Admirals in order for his application to even be considered. Glorm sold most, if not all, of his belongings and left Ferenginar without his father noticing. His destination was Federation Space. Glorm’s first destination was Deep Space Nine. Though he couldn’t get any help from the commander stationed there, he did speak to some Ferengi workers on the station who pointed him towards someone who could.

Glorm left DS9 and headed deeper into Federation Space. Some time later he ended up on Vulcan. There, on the planet surface, he met with a very stoic Vulcan Captain by the name of Tolin. How was he supposed to convince this Vulcan to let him go to Starfleet Academy? Glorm had heard about Vulcans and they weren’t easily influenced. Not to mention they weren’t a very greedy people. Glorm took it as a challenge. He was determined to get into Starfleet.

Per Glorm’s request, Captain Tolin met with him to discuss his application into Starfleet. As expected, Tolin had no real reason to endorse the Ferengi’s application. Good fortune, did come his way though. Following his meeting with Tolin, Glorm came into the possession of a very rare Vulcan artifact that was dated back to Surak’s time. This artifact held a detailed account of Tolin’s ancestors and was thought to have been lost years ago. Having seen the determination, hunger and enough good will, Tolin accepted the gift and endorsed Glorm’s application into Starfleet.

Glorm began his Starfleet Training in the year 2380 and was only one in a handful of Ferengi to have made it this far though he did receive some disturbing news. Apparently, all of the stories and tales of riches and gold pressed latinum in relation to Nog had been false! He had been doing this Starfleet thing for free! Glorm was outraged that he had been misled for so many years. With that in mind though, there was no way he was going to leave Starfleet now that he had made it in. He didn’t want to return to his old life. It was either Starfleet or nothing.

Four years later after joining Starfleet, Glorm graduated from the Academy, majoring in linguistics, economics and sociology. Shortly thereafter he was given the rank of ensign and assigned to the U.S.S. Norfolk as a science officer. Glorm would serve aboard the Norfolk for three years. In that span he would earn a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade for his dedication to duty. In 2387, Glorm was re-assigned to the U.S.S. Akagi as its Chief Science Officer.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Cadet Freshman Grade
CadetStarfleet Academy
Cadet Sophomore Grade
CadetStarfleet Academy
Cadet Junior Grade
CadetStarfleet Academy
Cadet Senior Grade
CadetStarfleet Academy
Science Officer (Language Specialist)U.S.S. Norfolk (Nova-class)
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Science Officer (Language Specialist)U.S.S. Norfolk (Nova-class)
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Chief Science OfficerU.S.S. Akagi (Sovereign-class)
Acting Executive OfficerU.S.S. Akagi (Sovereign-class)