Lieutenant Brendan Dernah


Brendan Dernah is the only son of as yet unnamed parents who died in a boating accident while Dernah was very young. To help alleviate the trauma of his parent’s death, Brendan was sent to live with friends of the family on Eastern Europe of Earth. Brendan’s comfort was never at question since his parent were very wealthy and had left Brendan a sizable sum.

Brendan excelled in his studies earning him numerous awards in the areas of Sciences and mathematics, both theoretical and applied. It had always been very evident to Brendan’s teachers said that his intelligence was quite high for someone his age. His curious mind and ability to ask rather insightful questions were constantly keeping both his peers and his teachers on their toes. Brendan also had a habit of speaking his mind, especially when he didn’t agree with something someone said.

In addition to his sizable quantitative abilities, Brendan also pushed his body to equal limits. When not studying or working on school projects,Brendan was building his body to as near perfection as he could. He believed that the body and the mind had to be in peak condition if both were to work separately and as a unit.

At the age of sixteen, Brendan applied for guardianship of himself citing his financial independence and numerous scholarships as evidence of his ability to provide for himself. This was granted to him in quick order. Using this as a stepping stone, Brendan threw himself into a regimen of study and physical conditioning in order to prepare him for entry to Starfleet Academy. Something that he gained for himself at the age of 17.

During his Academy years, Brendan embarked on a strict regimen of life, much stricter than the Academy prescribed. This paid off as Brendan stayed in the top 1% of his class and through the Academy. Once he entered his sophomore year, an decided that it would be beneficial to himself to have friends. Brendan decided that the best place to meet people would be through extra-curricular activities.

Following suit,Brendan joined an advanced self-defense class given at night. He saw that several of his classmates were also present in this class. Seeing this pleased Brendan and made the reaching out process much easier on him. He quickly forged a close friendship with his sparring partner, a young Tactical/Security major from Vulcan. The two seemed quite inseparable for the remainder of Brendan’s sophomore year and the entirety of their junior year.

Brendan, seeing the need for greater challenges of his abilities, opted to take the internship Program his senior year. Brendan spent the last semester of his junior year and the adjoining summer term applying for positions at various postings. Just before his senior year was to begin, Brendan got a reply from the Chief Engineer aboard the USS OLYMPIC. The communique said that Brendan was to report to the ship in three days time before the OLYMPIC shipped out for deep space. The next three days were a blur of activity for Brendan. He spent most of his time putting his affairs in order and saying goodbye to his friends, especially his sparring partner and Imzadi, Samus.

Brendan reported for duty three days hence and was promptly assigned to the Engineering Department. His first duty however was to report to Yolanda Tabak. She informed Brendan that this tour of duty would not be an easy one but that it would be very rewarding and make a sizable improvement to his already exemplary service record.

When the OLYMPIC was the victim of a timeshift,Brendan’s quick thinking and quick reflexes saved him and his entire work crew from being killed. As a result of his encounter on the OLYMPIC, Brendan was reversed to the age of 18. This loss of two years to his physical life was hard for Brendan to handle. Thanks to Yolanda Tabak, Brendan did not have to report back to the Academy for retraining but was able to complete it on the OLYMPIC.

After graduation, Brendan was posted to the USS OBERON. Again this posting was thanks to Tabak who had taken a liking to this young engineer. She made him a Systems Supervisor not long into the voyage. Brendan ever let her down either Brendan’s performance was never hampered by his reversal of age. A year into his post aboard the OBERON, Brendan experienced a dramatic risk to his life. As a result of his being aged back several years, Brendan was now experiencing severe system wide shock to his body. This condition threatened to kill him. The Oberon’s CMO was forced to put Brendan into stasis in order to save his life.

While in stasis, Brendan aged 2 years in just a week. This aging put him at the age he would have been when he would have graduated from the Academy. This took Brendan some getting used to. A week ago he was 19 and now he was 23. Brendan was ordered by the CO to report to the Counselor. Brendan spent several months in session with the ship’s Counselor, Thomas E. Lawrence. After said time, Commander Lawrence release Brendan from counseling citing that Brendan had fully recovered from his experiences.

Shortly after his being returned to his proper age, Brendan finished his Master’s degree in Advanced Stellar Phenomenon This granted Brendan the promotion to Lieutenant only two years into his Field Commission. This promotion also granted Brendan the ability to act as Navigator which gave him a great deal more experience to put on his service record.

Several months into his new duties, Brendan was approached with the opportunity to transfer to Ops. At first Brendan was reticent to do this citing his happiness at being an engineer and his minor in Operations as not being enough to warrant his transfer. Yolanda Tabak told him that all he had to do was work a month’s rotation in Command and then if he felt comfortable with it to simply take the recert test and advanced analytical skills would make this rotation easy.

Brendan took the rotation and found that he truly enjoyed this new line of work. When the month was up, Brendan opted not only to take the Recertification Test but to also become fully certified in Operations. This meant a six-month training program. Brendan spent the next six months totally engrossed in Command Procedures and by the time that his test came he passed it with ease. But recently Brendan has been picking up extra shifts as Ops Officer giving him bridge experience stating that Gamma Watch in Operations was beginning to get boring. Since Commander Tabak had got promotion to be Executive Officer on the USS Hiroshima and had promoted him to assistant Chief Operations Officer.