Petty Officer 1st Class Lumo


Elnora was born and raised in Janitza Province of Bajor during the waning years of the Occupation. The Lumo family had been farmers up until the Occupation, now they labored on the very land they used to own. Life was hard, with the vast majority of the harvest going in tribute to the Occupation forces. Deemed essential to the Occupation, farmers like the Lumo family suffered slightly less than other families, but suffered nonetheless. Aside from Cardassian cruelty, Elnora’s abiding memory of that time was of hunger.


Yet, working in the fields gave the young Elnora a strong appreciation of and connection to nature, providing her with some of her earliest scientific experiments. Supplementing Elnora’s meager formal education were family stories about life on Bajor before the Occupation, Bajoran history, and other fantastic tales. Elnora would later acknowledge that these stories played a large role in her later career. Elnora also cherished her mother’s ability to brew Dekka tea in a manner that she would spend years trying to reproduce. In 2369, Federation forces arrived on Bajor just days before the local occupying forces were due to execute all civilians in the district.  The retreating Cardassians did not have time to poison the soil, as they had done elsewhere, but did manage to set fire to the harvest which hampered rebuilding efforts for months afterwards. During the commotion, Elnora and her mother fled to woods on the outskirts of the property to eventually be discovered by a Starfleet officer, Sigmund Kennick.  Kennick was the first human Elnora had ever seen and she was fascinated by his lack of nasal ridges.

The following years were relatively quiet for Elnora. Now able to grow and learn in relative peace and safety, she excelled in schooling thanks to the good memory and attention to detail cultivated listening to her family stories. The family stories ignited her curiosity of ancient history and culture. Her fondness of natural sciences reflected in her academics. Her academics and her positive early experience of the Federation led her to apply to Starfleet. The odds of acceptance were long, but she was determined to try.  On several occasions, her parents hosted agricultural survey parties touring provinces to assess agricultural practices, rebuilding efforts, and crop yields. On one particularly memorable occasion, the survey party included a female exobotanist from the Federation station Deep Space 9. Elnora talked to her about the Federation and expressed her hopes for joining Starfleet. Elnora naively asked her if she could influence her application. The woman laughed saying that was unlikely, but if she wanted something enough, anything was possible. Before the survey party left a few days later, but the woman sought Elnora out and wished her the best of luck.
Sometime after that visit, Elnora was accepted to the Academy thanks to a strong application; yet she has always wondered if that woman had not done or said something on her behalf…. anything was possible. Her parents were apprehensive, suggesting that Elnora should stay on Bajor and help rebuild her homeworld; Elnora persisted comparing herself to the early Bajoran explorers who traveled the stars.
Academy life proved to be an adjustment with the regimented structure regularly grating on her nerves, reminding her somewhat of the Occupation, but with resources that she had never dreamed of as a child, Elnora flourished academically and used her studies as a haven from the militaristic bureaucracy. Her desire to explore the galaxy as soon as possible led her to choose an enlisted track, though she remained behind after graduation to pursue further classroom and laboratory research before setting out for the stars…
In 2382, while serving on Starbase 211, then Crewman Lumo was denied permission to serve on Starfleet reconstruction team working to rebuild Cardassia Prime, ostensibly due to an unexpectedly large volume of artifacts from the Hogar expedition. Lumo viewed this action as discriminatory.
2387, Elnora reported for her first starship assignment aboard the Venture as an Archeology and Anthropology specialist assigned to the night shift.  In 2388, Elnora was transferred to alpha shift in a departmental reorganization. Elnora was present at welcoming party for Captain Ritter in the Starlight Lounge, though did not particularly enjoy the experience. (S3E2: Dangerous Liaisons) Soon after, she was tasked with writing the cultural briefing on the inhabitants of Haess III.
During Venture’s refit at McKinley Station, Elnora was assigned to temporary duty on Earth at Starfleet Headquarters, in the Office of Exploratory Oversight. Tasked with coordinated the reports of the various exploration teams, she soon became frustrated and bored by the largely administrative workload. Seeking an escape, Elnora was invited to the Division of Planetary Operations Annex in Yokohama by her Academy roommate, Erin. Together the two women contrived excuses to visit the South Pacific for a few days, with Elnora ostensibly conducting a wildlife survey. Upon her return to San Francisco, Elnora’s attitude did not improve and this earned her no praise from her senior non-commissioned officer supervisor. She subsequently rejoined Venture’s company upon completion of the refit.


Aboard the Venture, during Red Alert conditions, Elnora acts as a Casualty Coordinator. In this role, she performs personnel accounting duties and marshals assigned crew to safe areas. When the Venture arrived in the Transit Corridor, she was assigned the task of building cultural profiles of those worlds affected by the terms of the Treaty to assist in diplomatic efforts to relocate colonists. Following the attack on the Venture by rogue Romulan forces, Elnora was among those trapped in the ship’s Mess Hall, where she gave aid to the injured Lieutenant Dirk Allaway. Elnora later visited Allaway who was recovering from his injuries bringing him ‘Jello’ to eat.  She was later tasked with creating diplomatic protocols for the visit to the Reyan Prime.
Lumo was assigned the science away teams tasked to gather cultural information on the colony. Later she was de facto leader of a group forced to evacuate the planet in the wake of civil unrest; her own departure was delayed due to the search for a missing crewmember. She later returned to the planet as an advisor to security forces searching for Lieutenant Riis.


Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment

Science SpecialistStarbase 211
Petty Officer 3rd Class
Alien Archaeologist/AnthropologistUSS Venture
Petty Officer 2nd Class
Alien Archaeologist/AnthropologistUSS Venture