Captain Garridan Rismore


Garridan Rismore was born as part of the Great Bearthing on the planet known as Gemworld in the year 2351. As Gemworld was a Federation planet, Garridan was exposed to the lives of other cultures very early on in his life. It made interacting with the other five cultures who shared the planet much, much easier. While growing up, Garridan’s best friend was a Lipul. The Lipuls looked like giant jellyfishes and were one of the six species to inhabit the planet.

For as long as he could remember, joining Starfleet was one of Garridan’s biggest dreams. He dreamed of exploring the stars and meeting other advanced beings in the cosmos. They were, just dreams, however. Leaving Gemworld had never been a viable or sane option for any Elaysian due to the planet’s low-gravity. It had been documented time and again that living off-world where the gravity was not the same would only produce untold pain and discomfort. And thus, there was no future to pursue that dream.

As he was unable to leave his home, Garridan chose instead to serve it by becoming a scientist and working aboard the Sacred Protector. While he could not physically explore space itself, he strongly believed that he was still living out his dream.

It wasn’t until the year 2375 that fate would turn its head towards him and that his dream of joining Starfleet would come to the forefront once more. For the last several years, the crystals that made up Gemworld began to grow at an accelerated rate. So much so that it posed a danger to those living there. With time running out, the U.S.S. Enterprise was summoned to aid them in saving their planet. It was during this chance encounter that Garridan learned of Doctor Julian Bashir’s neuromuscular adaptation research that would enable him to leave the planet and live out his dream. It was a procedure that was created or altered for another fellow Elaysian that had joined Starfleet at some point in the past ten years. While that particular officer did not choose to go through with the treatment, there had been improvements to its implementation since its first inception.

When the crisis with his homeworld had passed, Garridan sought answers to his questions about the procedures. He sought the Federation’s help. The consequences of him going through with the treatment still remained. If he went through with it, there was a very high chance he would not be able to return home. He had to make a choice between living out his dream or staying on Gemworld forever. As this had been something he’d been waiting on forever, Garridan chose to go through with the treatment.

After much preparation, Garridan began Doctor Bashir’s treatments in the year 2376. Once the treatments were complete, Federation doctors declared that the procedure had been a success and as luck would have it, they discovered that Garridan could spend a minimum amount of time in a lower-gravity environment if he wanted to. This was all due to medical advancements over the last six years. With nothing to hold him back now, Garridan applied to Starfleet Academy and was permitted to enlist for the class of 2377.

Garridan only spent a total of three years at the Academy due to the knowledge he’d accumulated while on his homeworld. During his time on Earth, he focused his studies on planetology and exogeology and eventually graduated from the Academy in 2380, finishing in the top ten percent in his field of study.

With his level of experience in the field, Garridan was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade upon graduation. He was then assigned as a science officer aboard the U.S.S. Bonchune where he would spend the majority of his early career. Following his promotion to Lieutenant Commander in 2386, Garridan was reassigned as the ship’s Chief Science Officer.

In 2387, after seven years of exemplary service on the Bonchune, Garridan was offered his own ship to command. While the thought of commanding his own starship did not really appeal to him as he considered himself to be a scientist and not generally a leader, the fact that he would be able to explore the final frontier on his own accord did make him strongly consider it. After consulting on the matter with the Bonchune’s command staff and realizing that such privileges did not come very often, Garridan accepted Starfleet’s proposal thus becoming the next commanding officer of the Ambassador-class starship, U.S.S. Jericho.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Cadet Sophomore Grade
CadetStarfleet Academy
Cadet Junior Grade
CadetStarfleet Academy
Cadet Senior Grade
CadetStarfleet Academy
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Science OfficerU.S.S. Bonchune (Nebula-class)
Science OfficerU.S.S. Bonchune (Nebula-class)
Lieutenant Commander
Chief Science OfficerU.S.S. Bonchune (Nebula-class)
Commanding OfficerU.S.S. Jericho (Ambassador-class)
Commanding OfficerU.S.S. Jericho (Ambassador-class)