Commander Sinara

Despite how she came upon the Federation Sinara had very few obstacles in her path in adapting to the life she had discovered. With no memory of whom she was or even of her age she relied heavily on muscle memory which became apparent during her early days within Starfleet Academy, excelling at anything physical and tactical as well as general problem solving. She posses a critical mind...sometimes overly critical yet serves her well in the realm of Security. She is extremely dedicated when on duty and to the point, not one to hold punches when she has an opinion. Off duty she is however a lighter soul, caring and in some circumstances instinctively a mother hen...also somewhat "Kooky" with a wide variety of odd mannerisms and often seemingly easily excitable.


In 2358 a starfleet patrol discovered a derelict space-vessel drifting lifelessly in space with several meteor impacts and apparently some internal damage from unknown events. the design was identified as an El Aurian refugee ship as the Federation had seen in the 23rd century.

There were half a dozen survivors in stasis yet due to the degradation of the ships systems when the Starfleet crew pulled the El Aurian survivors from their slumber none had memory of who or what they were. yet all eased into life within the Federation with little issue.

They may have lost their memory but their muscle memory was very well in-tact.

The federation provided the usual help expected from such an organisation, information on the way of life connecting with other El Aurians and provided passage to where most were, Earth. Despite meeting the remnants of their species the stasis recovered El Aurians still somewhat felt apart and adrift and travelled Earth together.

Earth was not what they expected. Infinite diversity and wisdom to be found in any differing point of view…in just the human races own. Yet a great number of humans seemed blind to the fact that such equated to infinite possibilities. Those that saw said truth seemed to flock to an organisation known as Starfleet.

Then was the rare spiritual kind. Not spiritual in the sense of christian or Muslim or such…but of a centred binary earth and man…universe and those within it.

In New Zealand the wandering El Aurians discovered a recreated village of ancient Maori culture. Their curiosity may have drawn them in yet it was the people which made them stay. Perhaps they found something there which reminded them of themselves or they forged new identities no one truly knows except that it was nearly four years before one of the five El Aurians left the village.


–See service record–

Work and physical activity seemed to be her only drive and function to most. Every morning she would jog the decks of the ship she was on or the area she was based prior to performing her duty for the day. On closer inspection however there were moments where she seemed a mother hen to others and when she was willing a fun-loving individual.

Though being born a near ageless species yet with no memory of her life with said species… life among short-lived species turned out to become a¬†surreal experience. Every day people changed yet she would look in the mirror and feel as if she were looking at a piece of art…losing its feature and appeal, to be being ever stagnant. Perhaps why showing her true self and having fun with others was a rather unpredictable event.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Cadet Freshman Grade
Cadet, FreshmanStarfleet Academy
Cadet Sophomore Grade
Cadet, SophomoreStarfleet Academy
Cadet Junior Grade
Cadet, Junior GradeStarfleet Academy
Cadet Senior Grade
Cadet, SeniorCadet Cruise, USS Fenris
Tactical & Security OfficerUSS Fenris
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Tactical & Security OfficerUSS Fenris
Strategic Operations OfficerUSS Fenris
Strategic OperationsEarth
Lieutenant Commander
Strategic Operations OfficerStarbase 47-Sierra
Lieutenant Commander
Chief Strategic Operations OfficerUSS Venture
Lieutenant Commander
Executive OfficerUSS Venture
Executive OfficerStarbase Kusawake - Ashland Initiative