Lieutenant Camila Di Pasquale

Camila has long, wavy blonde brown hair that she keeps braided while on duty and loose when she's off duty. She has warm brown eyes that have a piercing quality when she is in search of someone. She has an oval shaped face, a slim nose and full lips. She keeps herself in shape through long hours of hard work and training, but she is also soft and curvaceous at the same time.


Camila grew up a tomboy in Venice, Italy and was the only child of her parents until her brother Thomas as born when she was seven. She despised the attention that her parents gave the boy and went out of the way to prove that she could do everything that any male could do and do it better. She climbed, ran, took martial arts and studied more and harder than anyone in her class.

Eventually, she came to understand that there was no competition or favoritism where Thomas was concerned, but she still pushed herself. Only she changed from her outlook and became his champion and teacher in many things, some good, some not so good, but she would defend him at almost any cost.

When her seventeenth birthday rolled around, she made up her mind that she wanted to enter Starfleet and studied hard for a year before she took her entrance exams. While she didn’t have a stellar grade for the exams, it was high enough to allow her entrance into Starfleet Academy.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Cadet Freshman Grade
CadetStarfleet Academy
TraineeSAR Training
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Master-At-ArmsDeep Space 11
Chief of SecurityUSS Black Hawk