Lieutenant Commander Terry Walsh

Terry is pretty hardcore as far as the job goes. He’s a get the job done, crusty old Marine at heart. But when the job is done, he really knows how to relax, kick back, and enjoy a good laugh. He is very personable off duty and has a great sense of humor. Occasionally, he likes to flirt. Until the most recent mission to Yolvanda II, that is. After that mission, the virus, the recovery, and the break-up, he stopped flirting as much and as often. He was still his relaxed, humorous, fun-loving self, though. He also began taking evening walks around the ship, ending up who knew where. Terry loves to grill. He thinks all starships and starbases should come equipped with a charcoal grill.


Terry was born in New York City and lived there until his dad finished recruiter’s duty and was transferred to San Diego. Terry was five years old at this time. He is also the oldest of his siblings. Paul was born two years after the move. Arianna was born about a year after Paul. Because of their closeness in age, the three became very close. For example, if ever a guy showed an interest in Arianna, Terry and Paul were the second ones to get hold of him. That is, if he made it through their dad. Terry grew up with a love and loyalty to family, which then translated over the Corps and eventually to whomever he served with.

At seventeen, Terry applied to the Starfleet Marine Corps Officer Candidate School with the intention to graduate and go to flight school. He still had a year before he could officially apply. But his parents had signed the permission form and given him the go ahead. Terry got his acceptance letter to OCS a few weeks later and headed out. He always wondered if his dad had anything to do with expediting the process. His first couple of years at OCS weren’t that bad. It was almost like living at home again. However, the rest of his time there proved to be more difficult. Classes got harder and Terry failed a few of them; Astrophysics being the worst. But he buckled down, studied hard, and passed them the second time around with high ‘C’s and low ‘B’s. He graduated and immediately went to flight school.

Terry worked his hardest at flight school. It was here that he met his best friend and future battle buddy, Mark Shelby. Upon graduation, he was assigned to the USS Brisingr, an Excalibur Class Explorer, to fly the Typhoon Class Fighters. Terry worked and trained hard day after day but never saw any action. Being stationed on a starship as a Marine fighter pilot was beginning to look like a cushy assignment. And Terry didn’t want a cushy assignment. Three years and a promotion later, First Lieutenant Terry Walsh got his wish. The Brisingr was dispatched to assist another ship that was being attacked. The reports were sketchy as to who was doing the attacking, but it didn’t matter to Terry. It was fight time. His squadron was called upon to provide close air support.

In February of the following year, Walsh was transferred to the USS Saratoga, an Akira Class Heavy Cruiser. It was a veritable launching pad for Marine air combat missions. It was here that Terry met up with his old flight school friend, Mark Shelby. The two caught up on old times and laughed about some things they did in flight school. But that wouldn’t last much longer.

May 16 is a day that will be forever scarred into the memory of Terry Walsh. The Saratoga picked up a distress call from a Federation outpost. Some leftover Jem’Hadar forces had entered orbit and were transporting soldiers to the surface of the planet. While en route, the Marines were briefed on their mission. Two squadrons were to provide cover for the other two as they headed to the surface to take care of any ground forces. Then the first two were to assist the Saratoga.

Near the end of the battle, the USS Ramses and the USS Orion showed up. The Sovereign and Nebula class dropped out of warp and immediately opened fire, helping protect the Saratoga. Other fighters were launched from the ships to aid the already tiring Marines from the Saratoga.

Shortly after Federation reinforcements arrived, Mark Shelby’s fighter was hit by phaser fire from an enemy attack ship. The resulting damage was bringing his fighter to the point of explosion. Mark knew this, and relayed a last minute message to Terry, “It’s not your fault, buddy.” The explosion of Mark’s fighter nearly destroyed Terry’s. He was losing consciousness as he remembered Mark’s dying words, “It’s not your fault, buddy.” Terry will always be trying to deal with the death of his best friend.

After several years, things had quieted down and the Corps had lost lots of good men and women. And so had Starfleet. Who, by the way, was switching gears back to exploration. Some of the Marines were getting med-boarded out and others were being transferred to less demanding places and assignments as their need aboard starships and stations dwindled. For example, quite a few of Terry’s friends were getting orders to be instructors at flight school. That’s not what he wanted. It never was. He liked flying and there was nothing else he wanted to do. But there wasn’t much of a call for Marine combat pilots anymore. But he still put in for duty at an active squadron. The Corp finally found one on a Sovereign class ship, the USS Xerxes.

A few years later, Terry got a call from home. His dad was dead. Age had finally caught up to Leon’s war-torn body and he succumbed to its will. The Corp refused to give Terry the long sabbatical that he needed, so he resigned. Burying his dad and dealing with the resultant anguish was difficult. The only redemption he found was in caring for his mother. But after almost two years, even she noticed that Terry was antsy. And she knew what it was, too…her boy longed for the black, the wide open space. He was meant to be a flyer. So Connie visited Arianna and Andrew over the next couple of months to talk about an idea she had. She knew that Terry would only go back to flying if she was well cared for. Arianna and Andrew had a small, apartment sized house built next to theirs for Connie to live in. That way, she could be close if she needed anything, but still able to live her own life. Terry accepted the arrangement and rejoined Starfleet, but at a price.

The Marines had been downsizing drastically. And the whole Hobus thing didn’t help matters either. So Terry’s only option was an actual Starfleet uniform and lower rank. Accepting the offer and the fact that he would have to work hard to get back to where he had been before, Terry put on the uniform of a Starfleet officer. He went through all the proper academies, schools and training necessary to move over the Fleet side of the house. It just took a while to get used to, being part of the Fleet, but he made it work.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Second Lieutenant
Trainee/Marine Fighter PilotStarfleet Marine Corps Officer Candidate School and Flight School, USS Brisingr
First Lieutenant
Marine Fighter PilotUSS Saratoga
Marine Fighter PilotUSS Xerxes
Asst. Chief Flight Control Officer & Chief Support Craft PilotUSS Black Hawk
Lieutenant Commander
325th Squadron CommanderUSS Black Hawk, 325th Black Knights