Rear Admiral Erszebet Virkov

Having rose the ranks in Operations, Virkov has been renowned as both a logician, and shrewd tactician throughout her career. She has spent many years in command of both starships and starbases.



After graduation from Starfleet Academy, Virkov was assigned to the Constitution Class USS Ophiuchus. The highlight of her five year service aboard was a skirmish with several Klingon vessels, which required her to manage not only power supply and ratios, but deploy critical crew teams to various areas. She received a commendation from her CO for her quick thinking and swift action in her efforts to save the ship. 



The opportunity for a promotion came, and Virkov took it aboard the Akyazi class USS Haley, as the Assistant Chief of Operations. This assignment was a milk-run. Assigned to patrol the Federation/Klingon border, there was very little in the way of action. During this time, several members of the admiralty were aboard, allowing her to become familiar with the politics and procedures of the upper echelon. While she disagreed with many of the actions taken by those to whom her CO reported, she never voiced her opinion, opting to remain silent and focus on her career. When the XO of Haley was offered his own ship, Virkov transferred with him. 



Virkov served as the Chief Operations Officer aboard the Excelsior class USS Apollo. She made several life-long friends aboard this posting, some of which she keeps in her command staff to this day. After three years, the opportunity to serve aboard one of the fleet’s newest ships arose. Her Commanding Officer recommended her personally for the position of 2XO/Chief of Operations. 



Virkov served aboard the Olympic class USS Redemption as the Chief of Operations and Second Executive Officer. Redemption being a medical relief vessel, this presented her with a unique view of Starship Operations. She not only had to manage the workings of the crew manning the ship, but the finer workings of the hospital as well. Redemption was one of the vessels caught up in the Battle of Wolf 359. Fortunately the ship was ordered away as soon as it was clear that the battle would be lost. Because of this incident, Virkov would grow to despise the Borg, and have an irrational hatred towards them. 



Virkov was given the opportunity to serve as the Executive Officer aboard the Ambassador Class USS Thermopylae. In the wake of her experiences at Wolf 359, she revelled in the opportunity to serve aboard a ship that could defend itself, and “stand the line” versus running if it got itself into trouble. She served aboard Thermopylae during the Dominion War. It’s a period she prefers not to re-live and doesn’t enjoy talking about her experiences during the War. 



At the age of 44, Virkov was promoted to Captain, and given command of her own vessel, the Nebula class USS Normandie. The ten years spent commanding Normandie are what Virkov considers the pinnacle of her career. She received the command after the Dominion War had ended, and was able to engage in the Federation’s true mandate: peacefully exploration of the galaxy. In 2385, Normandie was lost due to a sleeper agent posing as a member of her crew. Virkov and the crew spent 3 days in the Medusa Nebula, adrift in lifeboats before being retrieved. Knowing that losing a ship, and a quarter of her crew, would be a terrible experience, the Admiralty ordered her to take six months to attend grief counselling. She did, and continues to have sessions to present day. 



Upon returning to duty, Virkov was given command of the Nova class USS White Star. Still reeling in the aftermath of the loss of her previous command, Virkov was not entirely prepared to step back into the center seat. In a much smaller vessel than she was used to, she nonetheless took to the posting as well as could reasonably have been expected. To further complicate matters, the crew had been hand-picked by the Office of Personnel, and as such she knew no one aboard. During her time aboard White Star, Virkov delegated much of the ship’s day to day operation to her executive, and preferred to remain distant from the crew and senior staff. This earned her a reputation of being cold and detached. Her year of service aboard White Star, however, was what the admiralty needed to show that she was ready for the next step in her career. 



Originally, Virkov was promoted to Commodore to take over as Commandant of the Office of Starfleet Personnel. However, in the wake of the Hobus incident, she was transferred as Task Force Commanding Officer of the Fourth Fleet’s Task Force 86. This area of space was along the tri-border with the Klingons, Romulans, and Federation. While the Klingons were attacking refugee ships and making surgical strikes across their shared border with the Romulans, there was little else going on. Virkov took personal command of a Prometheus class vessel, USS Taciturn, and single-handedly dealt with (and routed or outright destroyed) many of the rogue Klingon commanders and ships causing the chaos. Once the Empire realized that she was a shrewd woman who would not tolerate behavior of this kind, they recalled all of their forces behind the border. 



Virkov was assigned as Commanding Officer of Task Force 9, based in the Gamma Quadrant, and promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral.