Admiral Bradley J. Harrison

Bradley has been described to some officers as a modern-day Will Riker. He is quick-witted, innovative, smooth, passionate and absolutely fearless, but took a command very early in his career. A ladies man in his youth, he has settled down but refused to have children at the time being. Bradley will do anything to win, mainly because he hates to lose. Bradley relies heavily on the crew around him; he is an excellent team player. Bradley threw “the book” out years ago, but still knows what is expected of him. He isn’t afraid to put it all on the line if he believes he’s got a good hand. Unfortunately, he doesn’t always have the better hand and as a result, puts the people around him in danger. Once his mind is made up, there’s no convincing him otherwise.


Unlike his younger brothers in Matthew and Carl; Bradley John Harrison was born in San Francisco, California to his parents Richard and Helena Harrison at Starfleet Medical; as his father was at the time of his birth, Captain of the USS Washington, however, for the first few years of his life, his father was out on assignments so Bradley was brought up by his mother in their two-story house in the affluent suburbs of San Francisco and when he was old enough; he attended the Town School for Boys, much like his other brothers would also attend. As a child, Bradley very rarely dreamed of adventure and exploration. While he was fond of starships, he never really took an interest until one day when a shoreleave trip to Starfleet Academy admired Bradley to reconsider his life goals and followed in his father’s footsteps by applying to Starfleet Academy. After recommendations from his father, Bradley was accepted to join the Academy in 2352.

Bradley’s career at the Academy was somewhat easy than the other cadets since he had the backbone of what to expect from his father. Years later; like many other cadets; Bradley would thank and credit Academy groundskeeper Boothby with helping him develop a mature attitude. Among Bradley’s friends at the Academy was Richard Carlton, whom he developed a rapport with. Many cadets feared Bradley & Richard; for they both had fathers who by now; were high ranked in Starfleet. At the Academy, Bradley developed an interest in operational procedures. His professor, Badrul Khan encouraged him to continue in this field, something that Bradley went ahead with it. Bradley also excelled in music, his love of the saxophone really gave him something to relax with during study sessions and he always got high scores and even won the Starfleet Academy Musical Talent Show in July 2354.

During his sophomore year, Bradley was assigned to training at Starfleet Operations where he had his first encounter with Michael Fletcher. On April 20, 2355, Bradley accepted an invitation to attend the Academy graduation ceremony in the Yuri Gagarin Hall. Bradley graduated the very next year with high marks, and then spent the following year achieving his PhD whilst at the academy, something that his brother; Matthew would also achieve some years later. Bradley became the fourth Harrison to achieve a PhD, but Bradley opted not to include it in his enlistment papers and he was accepted to his first tour of duty on the USS Rutledge.

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Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Cadet Freshman Grade
Starfleet CadetStarfleet Academy
Cadet Sophomore Grade
Starfleet CadetStarfleet Academy
Cadet Junior Grade
Starfleet CadetStarfleet Academy
Cadet Senior Grade
Starfleet CadetStarfleet Academy
Security Investigations OfficerUSS Rutledge
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Security Investigations OfficerUSS Rutledge
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Senior Security Investigations OfficerStarbase 144
Assistant Chief Security & Tactical OfficerUSS Manchester
Lieutenant Commander
Chief Security & Tactical OfficerUSS Manchester
Executive OfficerUSS Manchester
Executive OfficerUSS Richmond
Commanding OfficerUSS Missouri
Commanding OfficerUSS Proxima
Commanding Officer & Task Force 72 Executive OfficerUSS Proxima
Rear Admiral
Task Force 72 Commanding OfficerTask Force 72, Bravo Fleet
Vice Admiral
Task Force 72 Commanding OfficerTask Force 72, Bravo Fleet
Task Force 93 Commanding OfficerTask Force 93, Bravo Fleet