Commander Emmanuelle Larose

Emmanuelle is a pleasant person with a bubbly personality. She can be intensely serious when the situation calls for it, and is the pinnacle of professionalism while on duty. Off duty, she is fun, delightful, and charming. She has excellent judgment. In her youth, her feelings occasionally got in the way of her job, but that happens much more rarely now. Emmanuelle has always been ambitious, but she listened to her mentors back on USS Pandora and decided to climb the ranks slowly, learning wherever and whenever she could to become an indispensable resource. Her interests include Galactic politics, diplomacy, and strategic affairs, but also holodeck programs and dancing. She still spends time in Phaser ranges, keeping her skills sharp. Emmanuelle loves her family, especially her niece


Emmanuelle Juliette Larose was born outside of the Earth city of Montreal in 2365. Though her family would have preferred she stay on Earth (and ideally in the Quebec area; her parents strongly valued the preservation of French Canadian culture), Emmanuelle wanted to be out in the Galaxy. She convinced her parents to permit her to enlist in the Starfleet security department a year early at age 17, using the argument that positive representation of their culture outside of Earth could only be beneficial. Knowing they could not control their little girl, who was always rambunctious and energetic despite her small stature, they consented.

Emmanuelle trained in the enlisted track and spent two years providing security services throughout local space. She spent more than a year as a brig officer on the Proxima Colony, followed by a sixteen-month stint as a VIP Bodyguard on Mars. During that second assignment, she was commended for preventing an assassination attempt against the Arcadian representative to the Federation Council, who was visiting Mars to speak at a university. She spotted a potential threat against her, but pointed him out quietly to her superiors rather than take him out directly. This ended up being the right decision, as the man was holding vials of a poisonous substance, and a direct confrontation may have resulted in many fatalities.

Her superiors commended her judgment and recommended she enroll in Starfleet Academy, which she did. During her time as a Cadet in the Security and Tactical Department, Emmanuelle was often underestimated because of her small stature, but she proved herself multiple times over as a capable and sometimes ferocious fighter. Her positive attitude and friendly smile were also often useful at defusing complicated situations.

Upon graduation in 2388, Emmanuelle was sent to the Inconnu Expanse to board the USS Pandora was one of her security officers. In 2389, security chief Cailus Griffin assigned her as security attaché to the Diplomatic Department, to serve as personal security attaché to the Chief Diplomatic Officer, Lieutenant John Sandoval.

Ambitious as ever, Emmanuelle learned what she could about diplomacy and politics from the diplomatic department, with a view of one day climbing the ranks. In 2391, she was promoted to Lieutenant jg and assigned the role of Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer. She loved bridge duty and used what she learned in the political and diplomatic world to advise her chief on galactic issues. She was also still on call to provide security to diplomatic missions, enjoying working with her mentor, now Lieutenant Commander Sandoval.

In 2394, at the encouragement of her department chief and her mentor, Emmanuelle requested a transfer to Zakdorn to take a two-year advanced training course on strategic operations. Using the lessons learned on Pandora along with the material learned by Starfleet’s master strategists, Emmanuelle became an expert in galactic strategic affairs. In 2396, she accepted a promotion to the rank of Lieutenant and assigned the role of Chief Strategic Operations Officer aboard the USS Shanghai-A. Shanghai was responsible for overseeing Federation colonization efforts in the Beta Aurigae Cluster, an area near Klingon space and influenced heavily by an aggressive alien coalition called the Protectorate. She ensured that command staff was kept informed of all developments and their implications, and made recommendations to promote the Federation in the region. She believes that her influence helped prevent attacks against Federation colonies in the region and contributed to lasting peace in the Beta Aurigae Cluster.

Unfortunately, in 2401, tragedy struck her family. Remnants of the organization calling itself Freedom’s Legion attacked a transport carrying Emmanuelle’s sister Mélissa and brother-in-law Richard. Emmanuelle took a year-long furlough to spend with her parents and her young niece Léa. She decided to take custody of the girl and raise her as her own.

In 2402, Emmanuelle returned to Starfleet and applied to take advanced command training on Earth. Her ultimate goal remained earning her own ship, but wanted significant training and experience first. A year later, she accepted a promotion to Lieutenant Commander and an assignment as Executive Officer of USS Expedition, which was overseeing new colonization efforts in the Delta Quadrant. Her Captain, Miguel Torres, highly valued her expertise in strategic affairs, which helped the ship protect the local cluster from local powers. Léa was permitted to stay with her and attend school with other families aboard.

In 2408, Emmanuelle applied for a transfer to Heyerdahl Station. She was fascinated by the story of the station and the local cluster and wanted to participate in Starfleet efforts to project Federation power in the region. She also hoped that it was the next step towards a promotion and her eventual own command.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Crewman Recruit
Basic TrainingStarfleet Security
Crewman Apprentice
Brig OfficerProxima Colony Starbase
VIP BodyguardMars Security Detachment
Cadet Freshman Grade
Freshman CadetStarfleet Academy
Cadet Sophomore Grade
Sophomore CadetStarfleet Academy
Cadet Junior Grade
Junior CadetStarfleet Academy
Cadet Senior Grade
Senior CadetStarfleet Academy
Security OfficerUSS Pandora (NCC-80114)
Security Attaché to Diplomatic DepartmentUSS Pandora (NCC-80114)
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Assistant Chief Security/Tactical OfficerUSS Pandora (NCC-80114)
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Advanced Strategic Affairs and Operations TrainingStrategic Operations Training, Zakdown
Chief Strategic Operations OfficerUSS Shanghai (NCC-82941)
Furlough from Starfleet due to family tragedyNone
Advanced Starship/Starbase Command TrainingStarfleet Academy
Lieutenant Commander
Executive OfficerUSS Expedition (NCC-51118)
Executive OfficerHeyerdahl Station