Lieutenant Dr. Trix Peacock


The youngest of four born to John and Juniper Nevins, Beatrix was often treated as a princess by her parents and older siblings. Though, she grew up level headed, which her father credits to the teachers she had on the various ships they lived on as she grew up. Her favourite pasttime as a child was playing hide and seek around the ship, though she often got in trouble for her choice of hiding places.

As she got older, she started taking trips around the ship, learning about each department. While engineering was always a favourite, Beatrix decided at the tender age of 8 that she wanted to be a doctor like her Daddy. And so her teachers, and parents, geared her education toward meeting this goal.

When she was 16, her mother was killed in action on an away mission. With her older siblings already at the academy and her father grieving hard, Beatrix felt this loss immensely and after a month ended up returning to Earth to live with her grandparents. She went through extensive counseling while there, eventually learning to keep her mother’s memory close to her heart and focus on the good times. This helped with her grief.

After many discussions with her father, Beatrix decided to go to a civilian medical school and get a taste of planetary medicine before she decided on which path was best for her. She did well in medical school, but found the illnesses and injuries encountered on the planet to be dull compared to what she had seen her father treat.

So, after completing her education and two years of residency, Beatrix decided to attend Starfleet Academy and become a medical officer. She was among the oldest of her class, but she was not bothered by this fact. Earning good grades, she managed to squeak into the top tenth percentile of her class.

Her first assignment was as a medical officer on the USS Haiwei at the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade. This is where she met her husband, Jackson Peacock. Theirs was a whirlwind romance and they were married 10 months after meeting. A year after arriving on the Haiwei it was decommissioned due to severe damage. Beatrix and Jackson then transferred to the USS Bickley. Shortly after arriving on the Bickley, Beatrix learned she was pregnant. In early 2254, she gave birth to her daughter, whom she was force by Jackson and his mother to name after his mother. Though she did manage to refuse his requests for her to retire from her career to be a stay at home mother.

After a couple of years on the Bickley, she was positionally promoted to Assistant Chief Medical Officer. Another two years and she was promoted to Lieutenant. Eventually she became the Chief Medical Officer. Around this time, Beatrix formally separated from Jackson and he was transferred to another ship. Beatrix retained custody of Heloise. In 2258, Beatrix was informed that Jackson had been killed in action.

Despite her martital problems there, she thoroughly enjoyed her time on the Bickley and wasn’t looking to transfer out when it was time for the ship to undergo a refit. However a call from an old friend got her thinking. Ultimately she took him up on his offer and became the Chief Medical Officer of the USS Repulse

Service Record

2242 – 2248 Civilian Medical School
2248 – 2252 Starfleet Academy
2252 – 2253 USS Haiwei
2253 – 2261 USS Bickley
2261 – Curr USS Repulse