Lieutenant Commander Ash Eider


Ashlie was born on Earth to her father Kamil and her mother Kiran. She was the second child of three born to the couple, who were fairly easy going with their parenting styles.

Growing up was not an easy thing for Ashlie, as she was always compared to her sister. Her sister was an amazing singer and dancer, and Ashlie felt like she always had two left feet. Unfortunately, Kiran started to favor Ajal over her other children, and this wasn’t something that her father could handle. When Ashlie was seven, Kamil and Kiran divorced and she was taken with her brother by her father to a new home.

This was a complete shock to Ash’s system, and it took her quite some time to adjust. Luckily, she was not compared to anyone here, and could forge her own path. She soon found herself overly protective of not only her younger brother, but of all her friends and classmates. If someone was being picked on, she would find some way to protect them. The bullies went after her too at that point, but this did not change what she was doing. She didn’t know where this sudden need to protect others came from, but it was a part of her now and she wasn’t going to let it go.

When she was thirteen, after helping out a few of the younger children that were being pushed around by others twice their size, she found herself quickly shoved against a wall with a cracking sound. The older bullies had become tired of her defending the others and wanted to put an end to it. She could feel herself falling unconscious, but also knew that there would be no one there to help the others if something happened to her. She took hold of the hands that were holding her against the wall and managed to loosen them just enough to slip away. The younger ones came to her rescue, one of them having run off to get a teacher.

Although Ash was sent to the hospital with a severe head injury, she was awarded a medal once she returned to school for defending those who could not defend themselves.

The rest of the time she spent seemed to fly by, and though she never seemed to catch anyone’s eye and no one caught her’s, she seemed to enjoy all of the close friendships that she had. And after being unsure what she wanted to do once she was out of school, Starfleet caught her eye. Not so much the traveling through the stars, though that of course was one interest, but knowing how many more she could defend and protect.

Ash applied for and was accepted into Starfleet Academy Tactical and Security. During even her first day, she realized how much smaller muscle wise she was compared to the others and how much work she actually had to do. Any time she was caught up on her coursework, she could be found training. Whether it be weapons training or physical training, she was doing her best to catch up.

But for the first time in her life in the middle of her second year, someone else caught her eye, and she seemed to have caught theirs. Another Tactical and Security cadet, Riny Sander, could be seen in the gyms or the weapons trainings whenever Ash was. A fling quickly started, and they seemed to be perfect together. Even her roommate jokingly started saying they should just get married and be done with it.

The fling continued through the rest of her years at the Academy, and when graduation hit, what Ash’s roommate had been saying for almost three years ended up happening: Riny asked Ash to marry him. Their wedding was shortly after while they were both awaiting ship assignments.

Unfortunately, due to having applied to ships before they were married, they were assigned separately. They knew this was a possibility with them both being from the same area of Starfleet, but hoped it would not pull them apart.

Ash was assigned to the USS Jothi as a security officer, stuffed amongst many others. She was just a lowly ensign and wasn’t given much in the way of duties other than standard security rounds. On a ship, this became repetitive. She did, however, manage to keep in touch with her husband the best she could while they served on seperate ships.

Two years into her posting on the Jothi, she was moved to a tactical position, spending more time on the bridge with only the occasional security shift. She couldn’t decide which she liked better, but embraced both. Before finding that she was up for a new posting, she was granted a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

During shore leave in 2253 before she was to move to a new posting, Ashlie finally was going to get extended time alone with Riny. 4 years on separate ships only seeing each other on occasion made marriage hard, but she thought they had made it work. Arriving where she was supposed to meet Riny at, Ash was surprised to not find him there. Locating where he was, she started to get concerned when she found that he was at one of the hospitals.

However, it wasn’t anything like what she thought. Arriving at the hospital and giving her name, she was pointed in the direction of the maternity ward. Anger started to grow as she followed the path there. She could see him going into one of the rooms and knew her face grew red as she walked over to the door and knocked on it, as she wasn’t one to burst in. Being allowed entrance, Riny’s eyes went wide the moment he saw who it was.

He tried to plead his case out in the hallway, but the fact that he was there as the father of the woman who was in labor in the room, and he admitted to her that he was, she angrily threw her wedding ring at him and left, filing for divorce a few short hours after. Having been loyal to him with the few times they’d been able to be together over the last four years, she didn’t realize that he hadn’t given her the same respect. She changed her name back to Eider as soon as she was able to.

Trying to get away from everything she just dealt with, she looked for a place to start fresh. The USS Nakato had a tactical officer opening and she jumped at the chance to be out in space again.


Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
CadetStarfleet Academy
Security OfficerUSS Jothi
Tactical OfficerUSS Jothi
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Tactical OfficerUSS Nakato
Assistant Chief Security OfficerNew Vulcan
Chief Security/Tactical Officer - Night ShiftYorktown
Lieutenant Commander
First Officer/Chief Security OfficerUSS Repulse