Lieutenant Junior Grade Izaro Chameer

Izaro currently is serving as Chief Operations Officer on USS Atlantis. Before coming there he served on the USS North Star and USS DeFit


Izaro was born in 2362 on Betazed. His father taught mathematics while his mother was a history teacher. As a young child, he never really thought of anything outside his own world, growing up and marrying his parents choice for him, settling down and having a family.

It wasn’t until his Uncle Tobias came for a visit with tales of serving in the Federation that Izaro began to rebel from his destiny. No longer did he want to settle into the life his parents had chosen for him. He wanted to do great things, to see what was out their past the world he lived in.

From that moment on, he was a rebel. Though he did good in school, getting high marks, Izaro spent every moment he could trying to figure out what he wanted to do with his life, what he was good at, what he could excel at and show his family that he was more than they believed.

Izaro does not have a close relationship with his family and though that saddens him, he has accepted that in order to be happy he has had to move on. To this day, he still makes attempts that are always met with orders to come home and start a family.

While he was in high school, Izaro had close connections with one of his teachers, whom he spent many hours with talking about his frustrations. Under the suggestion of his teacher, he made the decision to go to the Academy and become a science officer.

Arriving at the Academy was a life changer for Izaro. He got a job, enrolled in science and was dismayed to find that it didn’t feel like a good fit. He was determined not to fail so he looked into all the departments and when he got to operations he found what he was looking for. Izaro changed his field and worked hard to graduate in the higher part of his class.

After graduation, his parents tried to put pressure on him to contact their chosen mate for him and start a life together. At one point his father told him it was time to stop playing and get serious about his future. Izaro stubbornly refused and took the first assignment he was offered.

His first assignment was on the USS DeFit where Izaro immediately worked to impress those above him. Though he was a hard worker, his stubborness caused some issues, until he learned to control it except on matters of utmost importance.

He was promoted to Assistant Operations Officer on the USS Northstar where he served under several chiefs who strived to teach him the values and leadership required to take the next step.

Finally, in 2389 he was promoted to Chief and sent to serve on the USS Atlantis, where he currently is stationed.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Chief Operations OfficerUSS Atlantis
Assistant Chief Operations OfficerUSS Northstar
Operations OfficerUSS DeFit