Staff Warrant Officer Victor Ward

Victor is a professional who dives completely into his work. He has been in Starfleet long enough that he knows his way around any engine room, transporter, shuttlecraft, or engineering support lab. He prefers spending his time in the labs, machining new components to solve their problems.


Victor Ian Ward was born in the city of Vancouver, British Columbia, on Earth in 2345. His father was an architect who designed buildings for Colonial Services; buildings he would almost certainly never see as he did not enjoy traveling in space. His mother was sous-chef at an award-winning restaurant in downtown Vancouver. Though she had the skill and opportunity to found her own restaurant, she saw immense value in being the one to work with her hands and provide advice, rather than make decisions and be ultimately the highest responsible authority. This was a lesson Victor took to heart early.

The middle of three children, Victor was equally close to his older brother and younger sister, though the two never quite got along with each other. He was mischief-maker with his brother and sage advice-giver to his sister. All three opted to join Starfleet when the opportunity arose, though Victor chose the path the others didn’t.

His entire life, he loved working with his hands. He built models of all kinds, learned carpentry, masonry, welding, and computer programming. He also learned to fly, and as a hobby maintained shuttlecraft for the civilian community around him. At age 15, he built (over the course of months) a functional, warp-capable shuttlecraft, which he used to tour local star systems, usually with dates.

At age 17, Victor decided it was time to join Starfleet. While his brother Simon was partway through his Academy education, Victor chose the enlisted path. He went through basic training and within a few months was a Crewman Apprentice on Earth Spacedock, working on keeping the station’s shuttles and runabouts in good working order.

Two years later, Victor was ordered to the USS Iwo Jima, whose job it was to deploy troops against Cardassian forces. It was the height of the Federation-Cardassian War, and any pair of hands capable of keeping the shuttles and transporters aboard Iwo Jima working was considered valuable. In 2365, he was promoted to Crewman and made part of the general Damage Control Team, doing rapid repair work when under attack and maintenance work when not. Though he never had to fire against a Cardassian himself, he lost many friends during those days.

When hostilities ceased, Victor stayed aboard Iwo Jima, which was deployed near the Demilitarized Zone. Troops were constantly being deployed and redeployed around Federation colonies near Cardassian space, to ensure they were ready for a Cardassian invasion they all assumed was coming. Victor never predicted that the next bit of hostilities would come from within, when a number of Iwo Jima’s crew, including two very good friends, jumped ship and joined the Maquis. In mid 2370, Victor was recalled back to Earth to be questioned by Starfleet Intelligence, seeing if he had any information about the Maquis, or was complicit in their defection.

Cleared of any wrongdoing, Victor took a bit of leave to see his parents and then took several weeks of Petty Officer training with the SCE. Once that was finished, he was posted to the USS Venture as part of the support staff for the Engineering Lab. Here, he found his true calling. His responsibility was to help the engineering officers fashion the necessary equipment to solve their problems. His input was considered invaluable, and several key components that kept the ship from exploding were made with his own two hands.

At the outbreak of the Dominion War, Victor was transferred to the USS Thunderchild, where he served as Engineer’s Mate. His experience with shuttles, transporters, and machining were all the exact traits the Chief Engineer, a respectable Lieutenant Commander named Liane Martin, wanted from her mate. The Thunderchild fought in numerous battles against Dominion forces, including Operation Return and the initial invasion of Chin’toka, where Victor’s responsibilities were to ensure that transporters and landing craft were able to get troops down to the planet. After Chin’toka, he was promoted to Petty Officer Second Class.

During the assault on Cardassia, Chief Engineer Liane Martin, who had become a mentor and good friend to him, was killed, arguably one of the final casualties of the war. Her death shook Victor more than the others had, and so after the battle was over and the repairs complete, he spent a few weeks on Bajor recuperating. When he returned to the Thunderchild, a new Chief Engineer had been appointed, and he has brought in his own team, including his own Mate. Victor was reassigned back into the Engineering Lab, where he resumed working on machining technical solutions to any number of ship’s problems. He still specialized in shuttlecraft and transporters, but worked a little all over the ship.

In 2381, he was promoted to Petty Officer First Class and transferred to USS Togo, where he was put in charge of Engineering Lab One. Wanting to return to his life as an Engineer’s Mate, where he could do his lab work but also help out all over the ship, he decided to apply to Warrant Officer Candidate School. He had also been told that Warrant Officers were likelier to be assigned piloting positions, and he wanted to transition at least partially into shuttle piloting again. After three months of training, he was promoted to Warrant Officer and assigned as an Engineering Officer aboard USS Saturn. The Saturn’s Chief Engineer, Kazdan Paradus, gave him responsibility over shuttlebays and cargo bays, though he also spent as much time as possible in the Engineering Labs. He served aboard USS Saturn for almost six years, when he was handpicked to join a Scientific and Technical Assessment Team – STAT-42.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Crewman Recruit
Starfleet Basic TrainingStarfleet Corps of Engineers
Crewman Apprentice
Shuttlecraft MechanicEarth Spacedock
Crewman Apprentice
Shuttlecraft and Transporter MechanicUSS Iwo Jima (NCC-53555)
Damage Control TeamUSS Iwo Jima (NCC-53555)
Petty Officer TrainingStarfleet Corps of Engineers
Petty Officer 3rd Class
Engineering Lab Support StaffUSS Venture (NCC-71854)
Petty Officer 3rd Class
Engineer’s MateUSS Thunderchild (NCC-63549)
Petty Officer 2nd Class
Engineer’s MateUSS Thunderchild (NCC-63549)
Petty Officer 2nd Class
Engineering Lab OfficerUSS Thunderchild (NCC-63549)
Petty Officer 1st Class
Engineering Lab OfficerUSS Togo (NCC-74474)
Petty Officer 1st Class
Warrant Officer CandidateWarrant Officer Candidate School
Warrant Officer
Engineering OfficerUSS Saturn (NCC-28400)
Staff Warrant Officer
Technical Lead USS Polaris (NCC-45042) - Scientific and Technical Assessment Team (STAT)-42