Captain Erin Sable

Erin has steadily worked her way through the ranks, proving again and again that she is reliable, quick thinking, and flexible. Starting as a fresh faced Ensign on the USS Gregarious as a Security Officer, Erin began her steady climb. At the age of 25, she gained custody of her 15 year old brother when their mother was killed in action. While this was an emotional blow, it also bolstered Erin's motivation to be the best Security Officer she could be. Eventually, Erin landed on the USS Tornado as Executive Officer. After a brief stint there, Erin was transferred back to Starfleet HQ to join a joint task force designated to keep an eye on the Sovereignty of Kahless. Now, with the stepping down of Capt. Colburn, Erin was chosen to command Federation Forces for the Klingon Theater.


Erin is the eldest of three children born to Commanders Kevin and Mable Ho. She has two younger brothers, Jeffrey and Andrew. She was raised on ships, mostly in the labs with her father.


When she was fourteen, she went on a trip with her father and youngest brother, Andrew, to visit a newly built lab in a recently established and remote colony. The lab was built at Kevin’s request and was meant to be a research facility commanded by him to research the planet’s surrounding space. While exploring the lab, unknown forces attacked.


Kevin hid his children and managed to send out an SOS before the lab was destroyed. Erin and Andrew were injured, but remained hidden in decimated building. When help finally arrived, they found only the two children. There were no bodies, no other survivors. Thorough searches of the planet were conducted, but the colonists and Kevin Ho were never found. It is believed they were attacked and kidnapped by Orions to be sold into slavery.


All souls on the colony, and Kevin Ho, were listed as deceased when there was still no sign of them seven years after the attack. Their mother took the loss hard but remained strong for her children.


Erin decided that she wanted to stop events like the one that lead to her father’s loss. However, she still harbored a fear of planet-based labs, especially those in the remote reaches of the galaxy. It took her several years to overcome this fear. She knows deep in her heart, that her father would want her to be brave and not live in fear of such simple things.


Upon graduation from the Academy, Erin was assigned to the USS Gregarious where she worked diligently until 2380. When, at the age of 25, she temporarily gained custody of 15 year old Andrew, after their mother was killed in action on an away mission. Her brother, Jeffrey, was already attending Starfleet Medical Academy. Though she wanted to keep Andrew on Earth with his friends, her request for a transfer to Starfleet HQ was denied at this time.


When Andrew turned 18 he signed up for Starfleet Academy, going into Science like their father. At the same time, Erin was transferred to the USS Constellation, where she remained, slowly moving up the ranks and earning several positional promotions, until it’s decommissioning in 2387.


Her Commanding Officer on the Gregarious, Jackson Kinley, hearing of the Constellation’s decommissioning, offered her the position of Chief Security/Tactical Officer and Second Officer aboard the Gregarious. She was excited to be CSTO and 2XO, and accepted the position eagerly.


In late 2388, the Gregarious was heavily damaged after their sensors were destroyed near an asteroid belt. Flying blind, essentially, the Gregarious ended up straying into the belt, where she was hit by several smaller asteroids.


When the Gregarious finally limped home for repairs, Erin found an offer to be Executive Officer aboard the USS Tornado. After discussing the offer and the Gregarious’s current situation with Jackson, Erin accepted the offer. However after a short time there, Erin was approached to join a task force aimed at keeping an eye on the Sovereignty of Kahless. She readily agreed and transferred to Providence Fleet Yards. When Capt. Colburn stepped down as Commander of Federation Forces for the Klingon Theater, Erin was chosen to replace him.

2370 – 2374 — Starfleet Academy
2374 – 2380 — USS Gregarious
2380 – 2387 — USS Constellation
2387 – 2389 — USS Gregarious
2389 – 2389 — USS Tornado
2389 – Curr — Providence Fleet Yards