Ensign Isabel Robinson

Isabel a wild and free spirited individual who is not afraid of going after things she wants. She can be very friendly to those she likes. She has a natural Irish spirit and with the heart to match. She has been known to hold a grudge, so its best not to get on bad side.


Languages English

Strengths & Weaknesses

Strengths: Enthusiasm, Trustworthiness, Creativity, Discipline, Determination

Weakness: Aggressive, Perfectionist, Impatient, Short sided, Blunt

Ambitions To start a family

Hobbies & Interests

Hobbies: Isabel is an outdoor kind of girl, she loves to go Hiking, Camping, Backpacking, Rafting, Dancing, Traveling.

Interests: Seeing new places, visiting historical sights.

Personal History Overview:

Isabel comes from a family of 6 in Galway Ireland. She was born on December 12, 2367. Se only one of the six children to join Starfleet. Her parents are very supportive of her decision to join Starfleet.

Isabel is single and on the prowl to find a nice Irish boy, or at least an earth boy. Her childhood was a little sheltered. She partially joined Starfleet to get out of her comfort zone, and see what else is out there in deep space. Her parents think she should focus solely on her new career as an operations officer.

Her parents want her to settle down on Earth to raise a family, but are being supportive of her goal to explore space. They want her to get it out of her system, before she comes home to raise a family.

Isabel tries to tell her family, that she has enjoyed her life with her brothers and sisters and now wants to start her own life, and see what the world has to offer. She does not want to be tied down to earth.

The Early Years:

Isabel from a young age was very aggressive and assertive but not aggressive as in physical. She was focused, and driven and new exactly what she wanted. And then she went after it. Most of the time she got what she wanted, at first it was hard for her to get a date.

She started to become interested in boys at the age of 9, she kept thinking about her first kiss. Which did not come till she was 13 years old to a boy name Billy Madison. Isabel had more interests than having her first kiss.

She imagined she would become the Federation President, when she was young. A dream she quickly out grew, the older she got, she decided her true calling was to become a Starfleet Officer, the idea of galloping across the stars was fascinating for her.

At the age of 13 she started to learn she was a little perfectionist, and a fixer of things. She always wanted to fix things around the house. She would see broken items, and put them back to together, almost to the point of being OCD about it. Her demeanor at times was a blunt and short sided, she tried to over come that, but its hard changing a skill your not really interested in changing. She found that being blunt, allowed you to skip all the bs of niceties and politeness.

Isabel’s enthusiasm and passion and her attention to detail in all that she did got her recognized at school and in the town news articles. The story talked about her leaving the city, which even in the 24rth century was frowned on, but the town gave her, their blessing. There was to much potential in her, and she had a reputation of being a little vocal when she needed to be.

The High Years:

Isabel started high school in the fall of 2380. She started to focus her attention on joining Starfleet Academy, her school area had a Starfleet Junior Reserve Officer’s Training Corps or JRTC for short, that helped prepare her for joining Starfleet. Her parents were very hesitant, but they saw her passion for wanting to join.

She spent all of her time and effort her freshman year being accepted into the JROTC. She worked twice as hard, to be accepted. By the end of her first year with the JROTC, she had worked her way up to First Lieutenant. Not unheard of, but hard to do. Her second year was going pretty strong, but then she fell in love with Thomas Parsons. Her focus started to change. And after four months of dating him, she felt that she was starting to loose herself. She redoubled down on her efforts and made the rank of Cadet Captain, and was given a command.

By her junior year she had ended her relationship with Thomas Parsons. And was promoted to Cadet Major. Her life was to chaotic and focused on her duties with the JROTC and of course her education. Before she knew it, time flew and she was graduating from High school and the JROC. She ended the JROTC as a Cadet Major, just barely missing Cadet Colonel, position. She lost a race that year to Cadet Major Mallory Williams. The two competed in everything, but Isabel does not like to talk about her.

The Academy Years:

Isabel joined the academy, at first it was overwhelming. It was nothing like the JROTC, but they did help her academically and with a lot of the protocols to becoming a starfleet cadet. She noticed a lot of cadets, were free spirited, and a little on the unintelligent side. They did not take their training as seriously as she did.

She did her best to adapt and fit in, but it was hard. All her classmates wanted to do, was get drunk and have sex and defy their childhood upbringing. All Isabel wanted to do was, study and get her comission, that first year of the academy. She struggled to find her place in the academy. Towards the end of her first year, she felt that she finally found her place, and made a few friendships on the way.

There was really nothing to exciting happening for her at the Academy, she spent all of her time and effort getting good grades that she forgot to live life while at the academy. She would go to the 602 Club with the other cadets, and bail out the first chance she had. Towards the end of her senior year and right before graduation she had made a startling discovery.

She would be graduating the academy a virgin, with only 30 days left. She sent out on a quest to loose her virginty. But she found out, the last 30 days were not an ideal time, everyone was to focus on graduating or she came on as to strong and desperate. The guys she wanted to sleep with, did not want to sleep with her, and the guys she did not want to sleep with. Wanted to sleep with her. She sadly left the academy a virgin. And upset she made a promise the first hot guy she saw she would hit on him. And get this over with. She felt this was a new obsticle, and needed to get her homones in check.

Deep Space 10:

Isabel spent only a few months on the station, working strange schedules. Covering shifts when she could. She hated her time on Deep Space 10. Her goal to loose her viriginty was place on hold, the damn station was practically falling apart, if you asked Isabel. They seeemed very unorganized. When the USS Triumphant arrived, she felt relieved. The ship was her salvation from the hell hole, as she commonly referred to it as.

Isabel met Doctor Antonio Giovanni MD, who bore the rank of Lieutenant Full Grade. She remembered her plan and put it into motion. Everything seemed to be going her way, when he rejected her advancement. She found out later, he probably only rejected her cause he was transferring to a new ship. And their timing sucked. She started to wonder if she was cursed.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Assistant Chief Operations OfficerUSS Triumphant
Operations OfficerDeep Space 10
Cadet Senior Grade
Operations CadetStarfleet Academy: Bajor
Cadet Junior Grade
Operations CadetStarfleet Academy: Bajor
Cadet Sophomore Grade
Operations CadetStarfleet Academy: Bajor
Cadet Freshman Grade
Operations CadetStarfleet Academy: Bajor